Werewolves are stupid EMN (Modern)

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    Prepare for intense amounts of math and knowledge of the stack when dealing with this deck.
    I recommend trying this in MTGO to understand the stack interactions before playing this in real life.
    Silverfur Partisan + Zada or Mirrorwing = broken.
    Note that when Silverfur's tokens are targeted, they produce more tokens so with the Silverfur + Zada / Mirrorwing combo on the board, every spell that targets Zada or Mirrorwing will effectively double the number of wolves in play.

    Look at what your cheap spells can do with the combo on the board...
    -Confront the Unknown creates a new clue for each target and it adds +1/+1 to the 1st creature, +2/+2 the the 2nd, +3/+3 to the 3rd and so on.
    -Might of the Masses does the same thing but without the clues and a higher starting buff.
    -Rush of Adrenaline will give your entire team +2/+1 trample (Basically a 1 red mana Overrun).
    -Expedite makes all your newly created wolves attack instantly, but be careful as it can draw you out of your deck since you are forced to draw.
    -Titan's Strength might be better than Expedite in some cases as it can just scry through your deck instead of draw through it.

    In the sideboard you've got Otherworldly Outburst and Spirit of the Hunt for to recover from or protects yourself from board sweepers.
    Vines of the Recluse is your Spirit or other flyer deck killer.
    Make some room for Naturalizes if you are worried about artifacts or enchantments in your local meta game.

    Note: I did not come up with the silverfur / zada combo but after seeing a friend pull it out on me, I built this deck to fully capitalize on the idea.


    Preço de sideboard: 2.85 € | $ 3.25


    This deck appears to be legal in Modern!

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