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AnticipateBane of Bala GedClutch of CurrentsCoastal DiscoveryComplete DisregardConsuming SinkholeDevour in FlamesElemental UprisingEssence DepleterFortified RampartFrontier BivouacFrontier BivouacFrontier BivouacFrontier BivouacImmobilizer EldraziImmolating GlareKozilek's PathfinderMindmelterMire's MaliceMystic MonasteryMystic MonasteryMystic MonasteryMystic MonasteryNatural StateNettle DroneNomad OutpostNomad OutpostNomad OutpostNomad OutpostOpulent PalaceOpulent PalaceOpulent PalaceOpulent PalacePlummetPress into ServicePulse of MurasaRising MiasmaRoil SpoutRoil's RetributionRolling ThunderRush of IceSandsteppe CitadelSandsteppe CitadelSandsteppe CitadelSandsteppe CitadelScour from ExistenceSheer DropSlip Through SpaceSpell ShrivelSwarm SurgeSweep AwaySylvan ScryingTransgress the MindTurn AgainstUnified FrontUnknown ShoresUnknown ShoresUnknown ShoresUnknown ShoresWall of Resurgence