Nursery Rhyme (Modern)

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    This is a mill deck i have been working on and the first i have made. I wanted to stray away from some established mill designs in modern and try and come up with my own style of deck.

    The deck has changed a lot since i first built it based on the tournaments i have played it in. I have taken out all the sphinx's tutelage's since i decided they were too slow for the deck.

    Hedron crabs are there to to keep pressure on with Polluted Delta to proc ounce when the delta's drop and then proc again when the land that we desire comes into play.

    Creatures in this deck are designed to either proc the milling process or become a blockers so that milling can continue. Archive traps are a instant pull out of the deck if no fetch lands are being used by opponent.

    The Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize are really what can shut down a opponent. Knowledge of what your opponents cards is vital and knowing their win condition is a must. If not known then write down names of cards as you play the first match to be able to name in the second and third match with Pithing Needle. Ratchet bomb can do a board wipe for you if opponent has something nasty. One card i found that shuts this deck down is Leyline of Sanctity. Options to combat this is to ratchet bomb as soon as possible and build counters to kill it and also get a ensnaring bridge out and play your hand to buy time.Additionally Leyline of the Void can completely shut down a opponent that relies/interacts with their graveyard.

    My latest trials with this deck got wins against Affinity, Fairies, U/Tron, miliaria, scapeshift. The match up against a delve deck relies completely on if we can get a Leyline of the Void out. If we do its gg.


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