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Akoum Refuge Army of the Damned Artifact Mutation Ash Barrens Ashnod's Altar Avenger of Zendikar Battle Hymn Beast Within Beastmaster Ascension Birds of Paradise Burgeoning Carrion Chancellor of the Forge Chaos Warp Command Tower Cryptolith Rite Cultivate Death Match Defense of the Heart Dictate of Erebos Divergent Transformations Dragonskull Summit Dread Return Dread Summons Dreadbore Eldrazi Monument Eldritch Evolution Evolving Wilds Explosive Vegetation Farseek Fecundity Forest Forest Forest Forest Fresh Meat Goblin Bombardment Goblin Sharpshooter Golgari Guildgate Golgari Rot Farm Golgari Signet Gruul Signet Gruul Turf Harmony of Nature Hit // Run Impact Tremors Indomitable Creativity Jund Panorama Jungle Hollow Kazandu Refuge Khalni Garden Kher Keep Kodama's Reach Llanowar Wastes Molten Primordial Mountain Mountain Mountain Muraganda Petroglyphs Ogre Battledriver Opal Palace Orc Sureshot Parallel Lives Pattern of Rebirth Phyrexian Arena Pitiless Plunderer Putrefy Quest for Renewal Rampant Growth Rootbound Crag Rugged Highlands Sakura-Tribe Elder Saproling Symbiosis Savage Lands Search for Tomorrow Second Harvest Shivan Harvest Skullclamp Spoils of Blood Swamp Sylvan Offering Symbiotic Wurm Tainted Strike Talisman of Impulse Talisman of Indulgence Tears of Rage Temple of Abandon Temple of Malady Temple of the False God Tempt with Vengeance Terramorphic Expanse Triumph of the Hordes Vicious Shadows Vivid Crag Vivid Grove Vivid Marsh Westvale Abbey Xenagos, the Reveler Zulaport Cutthroat

Acidic Slime Bojuka Bog Champion of Lambholt Deathreap Ritual Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder Fires of Yavimaya Forest Forest Foul-Tongue Shriek Harvest Season Hero's Downfall Hull Breach Krosan Grip Mass Mutiny Outpost Siege Parallel Evolution Path of Discovery Plague of Vermin Predatory Rampage Protean Hulk Rakdos Signet Shamanic Revelation Smothering Abomination Terminate Throne of the God-Pharaoh Tribal Unity Vitalizing Wind Yahenni, Undying Partisan