Paradoxical Storm [AER] (Standard)

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    Aetherflux Reservoir deck with a lot of fun bouncies to slow aggro and also recast permanents for value.

    For the KLD standard version, click here:

    Neat changes with AER. Baral's Expertise is a wonderful tempo piece, and Improvise makes it easier to dump your hand and recast in the same turn.

    Things to consider going forward:
    1. Balance Anticipate and Reverse Engineer -- Reverse Engineer is better but Anticipate is better early as it ensures you can get you 3 mana. This is a tap-out deck so instant vs sorcery is an irrelevant comparison.

    2. Does Ornithopter eat too much removal? Perhaps Bone Saw is a better choice because it is more resilient. Depends on whether aggro or control is scarier during playtesting.

    3. It would be really nice to fit Efficient Construction into the deck as it generates lots of chump blockers, casts for U off Improvise, draws you tons of cards using Paradoxical Outcome, and can even serve as an alternate win condition. However, the slots in this deck are tight.

    Feedback appreciated. This is a deck I played heavily during KLD standard, so before you ask yes it works


    Sideboard price: 8.81 € | $ 5.32


    This deck does not appear to be legal in Standard (Season Jan 18 — Apr 18)!

    Problems: Not legal in this format: Engulf the Shore, Anticipate, Pilgrim's Eye, Bone Saw, Cathar's Shield, Geier Reach Sanitarium, Crush of Tentacles, Dispel, Engulf the Shore.

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