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Dauntless EscortDauntless EscortDauntless EscortDauntless EscortDromoka's CommandDromoka's CommandDromoka's CommandDromoka's CommandDryad MilitantDryad MilitantDryad MilitantDryad MilitantExperiment OneExperiment OneExperiment OneExperiment OneFleecemane LionFleecemane LionFleecemane LionFleecemane LionForestForestForestFortified VillageFortified VillageFortified VillageFortified VillageGavony TownshipGavony TownshipGavony TownshipKnight of New AlaraKnight of New AlaraLoxodon SmiterLoxodon SmiterLoxodon SmiterLoxodon SmiterPlainsPlainsPlainsPlainsQasali PridemageQasali PridemageQasali PridemageQasali PridemageStirring WildwoodStirring WildwoodStirring WildwoodStirring WildwoodSunpetal GroveSunpetal GroveSunpetal GroveSunpetal GroveWatchwolfWatchwolfWatchwolfWatchwolfWilt-Leaf LiegeWilt-Leaf LiegeWilt-Leaf LiegeWilt-Leaf Liege

Beast WithinBeast WithinBurrenton Forge-TenderBurrenton Forge-TenderBurrenton Forge-TenderCondemnCondemnDawn CharmDawn CharmDisenchantDisenchantMana TitheMana TitheMana TitheMana Tithe