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Ancestral RecallChromatic LanternChromatic LanternChromatic LanternChromatic LanternCryptic CommandCryptic CommandCryptic CommandDamnationDamnationDreadboreDreadboreFlooded StrandFlooded StrandFlooded StrandFlooded StrandGemstone MineGemstone MineGlittering WishGlittering WishKarn LiberatedKarn LiberatedLightning BoltLightning BoltLightning BoltLightning BoltMana ConfluenceMana ConfluenceMana ConfluenceMana ConfluenceMana DrainMana DrainMana DrainMana DrainMarsh FlatsMarsh FlatsMarsh FlatsMarsh FlatsPlateauPlateauPlateauPlateauSnapcaster MageSnapcaster MageSnapcaster MageSupreme VerdictSupreme VerdictSwords to PlowsharesSwords to PlowsharesSwords to PlowsharesSwords to PlowsharesUnderground SeaUnderground SeaUnderground SeaUnderground SeaUrborg, Tomb of YawgmothVindicateVindicateVindicateVindicate

Blue Elemental BlastBlue Elemental BlastBlue Elemental BlastBlue Elemental BlastBurning WishCruel UltimatumDeathgripDeathgripDeathgripDeathgripDemonic TutorDemonic TutorDreadboreDreadboreHydroblastHydroblastHydroblastHydroblastImperial SealLifeforceLifeforceLifeforceLifeforceNicol Bolas, PlaneswalkerPyroblastPyroblastPyroblastPyroblastRed Elemental BlastRed Elemental BlastRed Elemental BlastRed Elemental BlastSeasons PastSeasons PastSnapcaster MageVampiric Tutor