GW Aggro (Modern)

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    I like GW creature decks, like GW hatebears. They've got so many powerful and flexible creatures that really let you respond to your meta. The 5c humans lists are all the rage now, but before we had 12 ancient ziggurats, GW was a good color pair for humans.


    Gameplan: play creatures, beat down. Champion of the Parish on T1 is often a must kill. Thalia's Lieutenant is quite good. When I play a heroic build, I'll sleeve up favored hoplines, phalanx leaders, and defiant strike. Manlands give the deck a little resilience.

    Key Interactions: Not much going on here. Dromoka's command is better than it gets credit. Getting rid of rogue enchantments, pump & kill a guy, then swing in for extra damage. Triggers heroic if you're using that build. Hamlet captain is better than it gets credit for.

    Why it is fun: the last season of penny dreadful showed how powerful the heroic mechanic can be. GW aggro is a little less budget-y than mono-g stompy (horizon canopy is important), but a little more flexible and still punishes anyone that stumbles. Really though, I just like the flexibility the GW creature suite offers.

    Why it is bad: This is the most out-classed deck I play. I lose more with ninja fae, but at least it does something unique. Heroic as a mechanic has a problem. If you draw too many creatures, they're underpowered and you lose. If you draw too many spells, you have no targets and you lose. You need the right mix, and sometimes, you just won't get it.

    I spent a long time playing a simic +1/+1 counter aggressive tribal deck. I never got it to work well. It was always too much durdling and uniformly worse than other aggressive decks. This is similar. This deck is just a worse creature aggro deck than 8-whack and many others.




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