Arvad the Cursed (Brawl Multiplayer) (Brawl)

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    I was looking at building an Orzhov historic list, and Arvad fits the theme nicely. There are so many great historic cards in B/W, coupled with artifacts, you can really make a pretty significant deck. The deck is decently powerful without the theme, but there are a few cards that power up the deck greatly by having a high percentage of historic cards.

    The decks key cards/elements:

    1) 28 historic cards.
    *these range from: creatures, artifacts, planeswalkers, enchantments, sagas, a land, and even sorcery's.

    2) Arvad the Cursed.
    *The deck only plays 10 legendary creatures so Arvad will not have a gigantic impact, but he is the most suitable commander for this deck.

    3) Urza's Ruinous Blast.
    *a nearly one-sided board wipe for the board.

    4) Primevals' Glorious Rebirth.
    *sort of the direct opposite of URB, however this gives us a major blowout option if we are playing a game heavy on removal.

    5) Traxos, Scourge of Kroog.
    *Traxos will untap without an issues.

    6) Mox Amber.
    *Not as good as you might think as we are not playing many early game legendary creatures or planeswalkers.

    7) Cabal Paladin.
    *could deal a massive amount of damage if it is allowed to sit on the board long enough. Not the most threatening card on the surface in comparison to many brawl powerhouses, but may end up dealing the most damage in a given game without ever attacking.


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