Frontier Goblins (Frontier)

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    There are many ways to construct Goblins in frontier. This is my favorite route: to utilize the concept of going wide and pump. Pump means two different things in this deck: anthem effects and also a single creature that gets big enough for massive swings.


    A) Fanatical Firebrand. Haste body is nice, and can pick off Saheeli combo.

    B) Foundry Street Denizen. Could be pretty juicy in the midgame.

    C) Goblin Piledriver. Will always swing for a ton of damage.

    D) Dragon Fodder. Two for the price of one.

    E) Metallic Mimic. Pump is valuable when going wide.

    F) Reckless Bushwhacker. Best finisher available.

    G) Goblin Rabblemaster. Supplying tokens every turn and big swings.

    H) Legion Warboss. Little Rabblemaster can also pump the tokens or a Mimic.

    Due to how many Goblins the deck puts onto the battlefield, Impact Tremors is also utilized. This gives the deck an extra win condition by just casting your spells every turn.

    The other non-Goblin spells are Atarka's Command and Stoke the Flames. A pair of multipurpose spells that can do damage straight to the dome, while also offering other benefits. Command also offers the deck an anthem.

    *Another thing worth noting is just how good Rabblemaster and Warboss are in the deck. The tokens work very well with Metallic Mimic and Impact Tremors. They make going wide very possible with anthem effects on following turns.*

    Chandra's Defeat- amazing bargain, strength depends on the meta.
    Cindervines- great answer to control or gimmick strategies.
    Frenzy- best draw option for the deck
    Chainwhirler- worth a few slots to totally wreck certain creature decks.
    Lava Coil- putting some value on exile.
    Shock- an answer to Saheeli combo, and a way to bolt turn 1 dorks.
    Volley Veteran- a way to kill almost any creature that will turn up by midgame.


    Sideboard price: 16.48 € | $ 9.64

    This deck appears to be legal in Frontier!

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