Unbelievable Demons- Hour of Devestation! (Modern)

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    Sooo, this is the rebuild of my old unbelievable demons deck- not just new in the sense of including Hour cards, but redesigned for consistency and effectiveness!

    Heartless summoning is still an extremely powerful tool, particularly early game when we want to empty our hand onto the battlefield as quickly as possible, but with the addition of hand disruption and removal, you'll have stuff to cast even if you don't draw the perfect hand. In addition, the myr superion and sire of insanity were taken out, among others- sire of insanity, while potent and allowing you to cast shah of naar isle and master of the feast without the drawbacks, really narrowed your options down and myr superion of course was a dead draw without heartless summoning. With this version, the average cmc of the creatures has been lowered to fit in a strategy in which you don't draw heartless summoning; the curve is far, far smoother. Now the most expensive card in the deck is the scorpion god.

    The scorpion god is testing VERY well on untap!! Extra cards with dusk urchins, gives you a benefit if your opponent kills off Ammit Eternal, and for 3mana you can kill off pesky 1drops- or drop counters on creatures that are in the process of dying to combat to give an extra card. And the recursion, of course. My LORD that's nice! Particularly with Fling. I've taken a liking to Flinging god on eot when my next turn is empty and recasting immediately. Fling, of course, is primarily there for abyssal persecutor shenanigans, but it's a nice combat trick regardless! (Fling is also a very quick way to end the game in conjunction with any beater wearing consuming fervor.) Terminate is another way of getting rid of abyssal persecutor when the time comes.

    I've been playing with this deck all day, and it's working excellently, but I would love suggestions. For a while I dipped out heartless summoning altogether, replacing it with generator servant, dragon tempest, and the 3drops with fliers, and various combinations in between, but I feel that heartless summoning is less subject to removal than any of them- and it's just such a damned GOOD card in this deck. Haste is the one thing I've not found a way to work into this deck yet.



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