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Golos in Wonderland (EDH / Commander)

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    Will Golos find a way to get to End ( ?
    In this very deck there is the Master of EVIL the omnipowerfull (
    in case of being rolled out of Golos act as it as control over everything even you.... will the table find a way to survive it's influence ?




    This deck does not appear to be legal in EDH / Commander.

    Problems: A commander deck should contain exactly 100 cards, including the commander. · Unknown card name: B.O.B. Bevy of Beebles. · Not legal in this format: Gleemax, Incoming!, Mox Lotus, Punctuate, Circle of Protection: Art, Psychic Network, Entirely Normal Armchair, AWOL, GO TO JAIL, Handy Dandy Clone Machine, Pointy Finger of Doom, Urza's Contact Lenses, Topsy Turvy, X, The Grand Calcutron, Split Screen, Blast from the Past, Baron Von Count, Eye to Eye, Water Gun Balloon Game, Frankie Peanuts, Prismatic Wardrobe, Do-It-Yourself Seraph, Earl of Squirrel, Goblin Tutor, Grusilda, Monster Masher, Graveyard Busybody, Johnny, Combo Player, Masterful Ninja, Over My Dead Bodies, Strategy, Schmategy, Yet Another Aether Vortex, The Big Idea, Urza, Academy Headmaster, Alexander Clamilton, Pippa, Duchess of Dice, Phoebe, Head of S.N.E.A.K., Ol' Buzzbark, Spike, Tournament Grinder, Sword of Dungeons & Dragons, Who // What // When // Where // Why, Better Than One, Collector Protector, Wrench-Rigger, Very Cryptic Command, Work a Double, Steamfloggery, Steamflogger Temp, Spell Suck, Finders, Keepers, Midlife Upgrade, First Pick, Overt Operative, Garbage Elemental, Incite Insight, Steady-Handed Mook, Crafty Octopus, Joyride Rigger, Blacker Lotus, Selfie Preservation, Jack-in-the-Mox, City of Ass, Underdome, Richard Garfield, Ph.D., Rules Lawyer, Rod of Spanking, Squirrel Farm, Staying Power, Kindslaver.

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