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God-Eternal Rhonas' Lumber Mill (EDH / Commander)

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    Want to play green but do none of the things green is supposed to do? Think turning massive creatures sideways is for chumps? Love scooping to graveyard removal? Want to make each players' life total 99 instead of 40? If you said yes to any of the above, this may be the deck for you. The premise behind this deck is to mill yourself and then mill your opponents out because "Why not?".

    We will use our self mill enablers such as our cards with Dredge, Mesmeric Orb, Whetstone, and some of our creatures to fill our graveyard with cards. The goal is to get Genesis into the graveyard to fish out Greenwarden of Murasa or Eternal Witness which we will in turn use to fetch back up our mill pieces. Temur Sabertooth is there to reuse ETB triggers from Eternal Witness and Greenwarden in particular. We also use Splendid Reclamation and World Shaper to get all of our cards in the graveyard into player (important for Seedborn Muse and Wilderness Reclamation).

    We use Loaming Shaman to help prevent other graveyard decks from comboing off or to protect our own graveyard if someone tries to remove it (since we can cast it at instant if we have Yeva, Nature's Herald or Vedalken Orrery in play). We also use Scavenging Ooze to help spot remove problematic cards. Grimoire of the Dead also helps to keep us from scooping to graveyard removal once we have it charged since we can activate it in response to someone trying to remove our graveyard form play and get all of the creatures on the battlefield.

    To prevent from decking ourselves we are using Worldspine Wurm, Vigor, and Darksteel Colossus along with Golgari Brownscale or Life from the Loam's Dredge cost to constantly loop 2 to 3 of these creatures back into our deck. (So we have those 3 creatures in our deck and during our draw step we dredge either Brownscale or Life from the Loam which will put them in the graveyard which in turn will send those card back to our library). We have numerous discard outlets to get our dredge enablers back into our graveyard to keep the loop going.

    We have a couple primary methods for milling out our opponents:

    God-Eternal Rhonas OR Vigor OR Worldspine Wurm + Altar of Dementia + Verdant Succession - Infinite mill. You sac one of those creatures to Altar of Dementia, stack the triggers where you resolve their ability to shuffle into the deck first before you use Verdant Succession's trigger. Verdant Succession will then allow you to search your library to put the same creature back into play.

    Seedborn Muse (or Wilderness Reclamation to an extent) + Sands of Delirium AND/OR Keening Stone AND/OR Whetstone

    Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar + Altar of Dementia + Nim Deathmantle - If you've milled out your deck this will allow you to mill out a single player in usually 3 activations (12 mana).

    Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar + Altar of Dementia + Death's Presence + a bunch of creatures - This can let you mill out 2-3 players in a single turn since it will "conserve" Multani's power by sacrifice Multani to Altar of Dementia and then "moving" it to other creatures which you then sacrifice and move it over to another creature and so on. This is easy to set up in particular if you are able to charge up and use Grimoire of the Dead.

    We can also sometimes just mill our opponents out through attrition using Altar of the Brood, Mindcrank, Sword of Body and Mind, Whetstone, or they just get Mesmeric Orb'd.

    There are going to be some people we can't mill out (such as having an Eldrazi or other card preventing it and we don't have Scavenging Ooze to remove it in response to the shuffle trigger. For those people are goal should be to just make a really big creature such as a jumbo Multani and ding them with Ram Through. It's hilarious, you'll love it, the kids will love, everyone will love it except for the person getting gibbed. We really want to use Ram Through to win because the point of the deck is to not play like green and just turning Multani or some other Rhonas boosted monstrosity sideways just doesn't do it for us anymore.


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