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This deck is for the Pauper Commander format. Learn more here: Pauper EDH Primer on TappedOut + MTG Wiki - Pauper Commander + /r/PauperEDH

Ever since starting Pauper Commander, I've always wanted to build a deck using one of the War of the Spark planeswalkers. Unfortunately, they're purposefully pretty limited. The way I saw it, I was picking an enchantment as a commander that could use an activated ability 2 or 3 times, but can be attacked or burned.

Of the ones available, I saw "Saheeli artifacts" as the easiest to build. Easy to make tokens, easy to get value out of those tokens, and I didn't have an "artifact deck" yet in PDH. Well... besides Arcbound Crusher, which DOES count, but I guess I'm talking more about an "Izzet artifacts deck", which has a more particular feel than mono-brown.

I can't wait to see how effective Saheeli is. How many tokens can she pump out? How long will she survive? I actually found it easier to cut down to 100 cards than I usually do. I'm even running 32 lands and a ton of mana rocks. Normally I'm wishing I could run below 30 lands, but I really see that as a "cliff" that I'm at the edge of and can't go any further on.



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