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This deck is for the Pauper Commander format. Learn more here: Pauper EDH Primer on TappedOut + MTG Wiki - Pauper Commander + /r/PauperEDH

While trying to build a deck to house Scroll of Avacyn, I came across a few interesting angel commanders. This is the "younger sister" of my 4 PDH angel decks, with the others being Radiant, Serra Archangel, Angel of Vitality, and Fallen Angel. Tiana interested me as I thought she recurred ALL artifacts and enchantments, which was very exciting. Seeing that it was only equipment and auras was disheartening, but I decided to commit and build her anyway. This is the result.

Plenty of removal, I suppose this is kind of voltron-y, as there aren't many creatures. The focus of this deck will likely have to be re-aligned, as right now I'm just trying to see how much Tiana can actually recur.

[2023-04-14 11:14AM - Sun Clasp]



This deck appears to be legal in EDH / Commander.

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