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BR Aggro Eldrazi (Standard)

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    This was the deck I made and it's on a budget. It's very easy to pilot and quite cheap to build. I'll be updating it for Eldritch Moon.

    In the current metagame, this deck isn't good enough to deal with the tier 1 decks without some luck: Bant Company and GW Tokens are hard to deal with, RG Goggles barely possible after a Kozilek's Return and any deck running Languish is just as terrible for the Eldrazi.

    It might sound terrible but honestly, it isn't. The deck can push insane amounts of damage and the reach is good enough to finish off lots of games. The trick is in sideboarding, holding your cards and burst damage.

    Against midrange decks: unless you know your opponent have Dromoka's Command, put 4 of Molten Nursery, the tempo plays pay off easily. If your opponent is running Dromoka's Command, put Swarm Surge, it generates very favourable trades. Replace Culling Drone and Sludge Crawler.

    Against aggro decks: just race your opponent. Either Molten Nursery and Swarm Surge are useful replacing Titan's Presence.

    Againt control decks: if your opponent is ramping up, with that I mean RG Goggles, replace Titan's Presence with Oblivion Strike. Skitterskin is a very specific card to push put more pressure on your opponent as it's hard to remove, most of the time, just never sideboard it against any decks with white because of Declaration in Stone.

    Overall I had quite a lot of sucess with this deck, but its selling point sure is the price itself, it's cheap and you can replace Smoldering Marsh for Cinder Barrens to lower even more the price. As easy as this deck is, it fits beginners perfectly as well. Good luck and thanks for anyone testing out my deck!



    ¡Este mazo no parece ser legal para Standard (Temporada from Sep 2021)!

    Problemas: No legal en este formato: Dust Stalker, Culling Drone, Dominator Drone, Vile Aggregate, Forerunner of Slaughter, Sludge Crawler, Wasteland Strangler, Titan's Presence, Swarm Surge, Blighted Gorge, Endless One, Smoldering Marsh, Swarm Surge, Skitterskin, Oblivion Strike, Molten Nursery

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