Werewolf Deck (Standard)

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    The main strategy of the deck is to exterminate as fast as possible to the enemy creatures while you are doing damage to the opponent with your wolves. From the beginning you can play Kessig Prowler + Waxing Moon, taking the second turn a 4/4 creature. Chandra's Pyrohelix is a clear choice when it comes to destroying weak enemy creatures in the Early Game. Collective Defiance, Savage Alliance, Moonlight Hunt and Nature's Way also give us the opportunity to harm opponents creatures without sacrificing ours. To attack we consider Geier Reach Bandit and its transformation that allows us to transform other creatures for free. If there is something that plays against this deck is that it does not have a great defense, that is why Spirit of the Hunt gives us a life-saver in case we need it since its ability allows us to play it anytime of the game. Also, Silverfur Partisan helps us a lot with the Tokens that gives us whenever one of our wolves is affected by some enemy spell (or ours). The weakness of this deck is that quickly we run out of hand and we do not have cards to steal, that is why together with Ulvenwald Captive and its transformation that gives us mana and Duskwatch Recruiter allow us to find our wolves faster.

    The Sideboard is focused on counteracting different types of decks. Clip wings and Take down allow us to strengthen against mallets with flying creatures in sets with Aim High. Blossoming Defense and Woodcutter's Grit allow us to play a bit more defensive against control decks and in conjunction with Silverfur Partisan will make good synergy; Hermit of the Natterknolls serves against this type of deck also especially when the opponent plays many spells. Against decks of artifacts we have the possibility to destroy them and to gain lives thanks to Springsage Ritual and Appetite for the Unatural. Finally There is the possibility to play as Aggro Token deck thanks to the ability of Mirrorwing Dragon, but that is only if you fancy and to give a variation to the deck. For now that's all.
    "Tonight we will go hunting!"


    Sideboard price: 3.83 € | $ 3.23


    This deck does not appear to be legal in Standard (Season from Oct 18)!

    Problems: Not legal in this format: Blighted Woodland, Game Trail, Howlpack Resurgence, Aim High, Chandra's Pyrohelix, Moonlight Hunt, Savage Alliance, Waxing Moon, Collective Defiance, Nature's Way, Arlinn Kord, Duskwatch Recruiter, Geier Reach Bandit, Kessig Prowler, Lambholt Pacifist, Silverfur Partisan, Smoldering Werewolf, Spirit of the Hunt, Ulrich of the Krallenhorde, Ulvenwald Captive, Appetite for the Unnatural, Blighted Woodland, Blossoming Defense, Clip Wings, Hermit of the Natterknolls, Root Out, Take Down, Woodcutter's Grit.

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