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Adamant WillArguel's Blood Fast // Temple of AclazotzArguel's Blood Fast // Temple of AclazotzArvad the CursedAryel, Knight of WindgraceBaird, Steward of ArgiveBenalish Honor GuardBenalish MarshalBlackblade ReforgedBlessing of BelzenlokBoard the WeatherlightBontu the GlorifiedCall the CavalryCast DownDanitha Capashen, ParagonDauntless BodyguardDemonic VigorDowsing Dagger // Lost ValeDowsing Dagger // Lost ValeDubElenda, the Dusk RoseFatal PushForebear's BladeHelm of the HostHistory of BenaliaJosu Vess, Lich KnightJousting LanceKambal, Consul of AllocationKarn, Scion of UrzaKnight of GraceKnight of MaliceKnight of New BenaliaKwende, Pride of FemerefMox AmberOn Serra's WingsSeal AwaySoul SalvageSram, Senior EdificerUrza's Ruinous BlastVicious OfferingVona, Butcher of MaganVraska's ContemptWeatherlightWhisper, Blood LiturgistYawgmoth's Vile Offering

Cabal PaladinDaring ArchaeologistDemonlord BelzenlokEvra, Halcyon WitnessGilded LotusIsolated ChapelMemorial to FollyMemorial to GloryMesa UnicornMetallic MimicShield of the RealmShort SwordStronghold ConfessorTeshar, Ancestor's ApostleTorgaar, Famine IncarnateTraxos, Scourge of Kroog