Mono Green Hydra Ramp - Shred opponents army in just 1 trample strike! (Modern)

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    Funny mono green ramp deck with devastating hydras :)

    deathtouch reach defence to protect breeding hydras (opponent refuses to attack you):
    - Early game: Thornweald Archer & Deadly Recluse
    - Mid/Lategame: Hornet Queen

    Ramp mechanic:
    - Early game: Llanowar Elves
    - Midgame: Nissa (4 extra mana), Karametra's Acolyte, Courser of Kruphix (super strong: defence, lifegain, often 2-4 lands per turn), Shrine to Nyx (together often more than 30 mana per turn!)

    - Primordial Hydra: flexible and best card of the deck. Early game: X = 1 and grow (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64,...), late game: X > 30 and instant trample opponent to death => win
    - Managorger Hydra: cheap and synergy with hardened scales, > +15/+15 in a few turns with trample => win
    - Hydra Broodmaster: late game finisher with X > 20 => 10 10/10 tokens => win
    - Nissa: Ulti brings a lot 4/4 trample forests to the battlefield => win

    - Beast Within: removal
    - Naturalize: removal
    - Hardened Scales: faster growth
    - Mosswort Bridge: brings expensive creature like hornet queen for 0 mana to battlefield, easy condition

    weakness: very fast decks, burn, control
    effective against: all kinds of midrange decks, creature decks

    I personally enjoy this deck very much. Feels good to see opponent have no chance to attack und destroy him with 4 40/40 hydras. Muhahaharrr ;)


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    This deck appears to be legal in Modern!

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