Giulia standard Mono-B Waste Not (Standard)

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    Another terrible deck. :)

    The deck has performed surprisingly well. There's more than enough synergy between all the cards to not feel like the game is completely centered around waste not & dark deal (while that turn three play is totes amaze-balls and happens often enough). I've found that just the threat of waste not on the battlefield is more than enough to get your opponent to dump all their cards from hand. We more than have enough threats to play a fair game of magic (except our opponent is almost ALWAYS in top-deck mode,yay!).

    Don't be afraid to use despise/duress before waste not comes down. I'd rather have intel and a removed threat from their hand on turn one than marginal value from waiting to disrupt my opponent on turn three.

    All the dudes are large and cheap to cast. I've easily won several games with turn three Master of the Feast into turn four Master of the Feast. :) Opponents often think twice about removing him since he provides them card advantage. Fortunately for us, his presence means our Dark Deal + Waste Not combo is an option long after turn three.

    My worst match-ups have been against control. Having your turn three combo negated when on the draw is pretty sad, but can often be played around. There's plenty of room in the sideboard for coming up with a game plan against control. I should really work on that. :)

    Post game one, I've found that despise and/or duress are easy cards to remove. Dark deal has also often come out of the main to make room for token (virulent plague) or aggro (drown in sorrow) hate.

    The high points are:

    - Turn 2 Waste Not into Turn 3 Dark Deal
    - Nice synergies between Master of the Feast, Fate Unraveler, discard, and draw effects.


    - Fate Unraveler + Sign in Blood
    - Fate Unraveler + Master of the Feast
    - Fate Unraveler + Dark Deal
    - Master of the Feast + Duress/Despise/Liliana
    - Gurmag Angler/Murderous Cut + all the delve fodder :)
    - Waste Not + Duress/Despise/Liliana/Dark Deal

    Always open to suggestions!

    Why so salty, Elffurt?


    Sideboard price: 12.15 € | $ 8.27

    This deck does not appear to be legal in Standard (Season from Oct 18)!

    Problems: Not legal in this format: Dark Deal, Despise, Liliana Vess, Murderous Cut, Sign in Blood, Waste Not, Fate Unraveler, Gurmag Angler, Master of the Feast, Crux of Fate, Drown in Sorrow, Virulent Plague, Whip of Erebos.

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