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Young P's Gangsta City (Casual)

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hello there lad
so has paying with yar bros gotten boring and you need some excitement finally? do you wish yur deck had the sickest of synergy and the ability to remove all these annoyijng land cards from yur hand?


the bois:

young p
the man who runneth the show. the one and only. the hiring manger for the grixis mafia. yah boi got on that gold chain and ill pair of ray bans to grab all the women, need i say more

the deala. get you that good trip to value town. for a sick price of just mutilate 5 graves and 1 african american mana he can provide you with endless amounts of lit bolts and anal probes to blow yah opponents out the water

slim jim
the infiltrator. slimmy jimmy may start out a measly 1/1 boi in the beginn but he see that good good on the top and all of us sudden yah boi flying all over the place jimmying his slimmy into all kinds of places

the gangler
the thug. cost 1 more grave to pillage than Tasi but he got that 200 lb benchpress to go with it. need a whole squad to take this boi out. plus he doesnt have that there can be only one attitude. nice guy. likes long walks on the beach

the tools
lit bolt. 1 fire for 3 dmg. used to light up opposing gangs goons also powers some home appliances if need be

anal probe. seeing hands is one thing but thats not where goons hide their secrets...

cable therapy. tie up enemy goon for interrrogation. similar to scene in james bond casiono royale

thot scour. gotta find em thots on the street yah know. bois gotta be sated. find the good good 2 cards down and milli away those landies

mr leak. when lighting stuff up wont do the job ya gotta call up mr leak. he got the connections to stop stuff poppin up

daze em. when ya dont need the full mr leak job so ya use some agua and ya hittem when they cantz pay

memestorm. gangs run on memes #2017lyfe

electro plz. this one only got 2 volts instead 3 but yo can split em up on little goons and yah get to do some shopping in value town

Dismember. Dismember them.

terminator. nothing survives arnold shwartznegor

tbh all these landeis suck cuz im poor colleg student but split is good and 2 wilds r good fo finding dem islands.

IMPORTANTE: make sur to run korean full art zendicar lands becuz otherwise deck dont play as well *

  • confirmed by all playas of the gangsta city deck

day 1 bless up. anal probe followed by cable therapy. they will be butt blasted

young p double pen. have ya boi on the block use cable therapy then sell hired goon to aztec gods and cable therapy again. ya get double the interrogation on uno turno

thot storm. meme away yur landis and mill em with ya thot scur getting that super value town value. keeps da gang alive bro. use with ya boi many time to get dat gang filled up. use with daze em to throw away that agua to get even moar valu or turn on ya boi slim jim. pretty much the whole motor of da deck

setting up the Tasi. reMEMEber to thot scur on turno 3 and protect ya boi P to set up for yur Tasi. yah got many outs like mr leak and lit bolt that you can play with thot scur.


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