UB Treazzeret Master Control 2.0 (Standard)

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    I built this deck to try building around the treasure tokens of Ixalan and because alternate wincons are always fun.

    Tezzeret the Schemer powers out the deck with reliable artifact generation, removal that benefits from artifacts and his final ability functions as a wincon.

    Most games are actually won with Marionette Master. The Master can win instantly by sacrificing 5 Treasure and/or Etherium Cell tokens and Tezzeret can help reduce that number to just 3 tokens with his second ability in the mid game.

    Opt and Treasure Map generate a ton of scry opportunities to help dig through the deck and generate card advantage. Renegade Map synergizes well with Marionette Master and Fatal Push while fixing mana. When you don't need the land, it hangs out to boost improvise triggers and Tezzeret's removal potential.

    Lots of removal along with Metallic Rebuke keep the opponent from building a solid board state or throwing off the combo. Battle at the Bridge regains life lost in early turns and removes gods.

    The deck tends to operate fairly smoothly as a control deck interested in holding ground until it can finish with the combo. Weak to fast aggro and token strategies as Bontu's Last Reckoning is the only available response when the opponent goes wide.

    The sideboard is a work in progress. Currently Ive added answers for enemy planeswalkers, Mirror matchup, control decks, and a few blockers for fast paced aggro decks. Herald of Anguish functions as an alternative win-con.

    Sideboard plan

    Red Deck:

    - 4 Treasure Maps

    + 1 Bontu’s Last Reckoning, + 3 Duress or + 3 Never // Return

    Control (UB / Grixis):

    - 4 Marionette Master, -2 Bontu’s Last Reckoning, - 3 Battle at the Bridge

    + 2 Herald of Anguish, + 2 Spell Swindle, + 2 Reverse Engineer, + 3 Duress


    - 3 Metallic Rebuke, - 4 Marionette Master

    + 2 Spell Swindle, + 2 Herald of Anguish, + 3 Duress


    Sideboard price: 19.38 € | $ 14.32


    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Jan 18 — Apr 18)!

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