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Duel Commander Decks

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Über Duel Commander

Also called "french Duel Commander", Duel Commander is a 1 vs. 1 variant of the Commander format. As in Commander, you have a legendary creature (your commander) at the head of a 100-card deck based around it. All the cards in the deck must have the same "color identity" as the commander and you can only play one copy of each card (except basic lands). But unlike in Commander, you only have 20 starting life. In tournaments you can also "swap" your commander after game 1 and 2 of your match, but all matches start with your pre-selected commander.

In addition to the banned cards listed below there are some cards that cannot be used as the commander, which you can find in the official banlist.

Name des Decks Letzte Änderung Von Likes Preis Aufrufe
Deck Jund: "No lands, Man!!!" vor 3 Minuten ecm-magic $531 38
Deck Lurrus DC vor 58 Minuten avrok $1,099 133
Deck liliana of the Dark Realms 02 oathbreaker vor einer Stunde PietroDraco89 $416 10
Deck Fealty Commmander vor 2 Stunden Louishf $318 84
Deck Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor vor 2 Stunden en_Vegh $436 139
Deck Henzi vor 3 Stunden Phoenix of Rage $1,066 46
Deck Scry vor 4 Stunden OOssorg $561 45
Deck ELMINSTER vor 5 Stunden Anji-sama $1,027 10
Deck Ghyrson vor 6 Stunden XanaXide $825 137
Deck Urza Duel List vor 6 Stunden Samuelclaeys1 $141 9
Deck Untitled Deck vor 15 Stunden rockeur51 $375 20
Deck jund partner agro vor 16 Stunden slumfy $1,972 227
Deck judith duel commander vor 17 Stunden Jawzziii $610 38
Deck Wilson Fisticuffs 1v1 Boxing Match vor 17 Stunden Meliryen $93 156
Deck aminatou partiel vor 18 Stunden kenshigo66 $928 39
Deck Karlov DC vor 18 Stunden Thrillseeker $750 410
Deck Titania, speed land sacrifice vor 20 Stunden Hamadryade $523 52
Deck grist vor 21 Stunden stripetutur $762 17
Deck Kotori prodige pilote vor 21 Stunden Poirier_savant $655 23

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