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About Legacy

Legacy's card pool stretches back to the beginning of Magic: the Gathering.

Decks Legacy

Nom du Deck Dernière mise à jour Par Likes Prix Vues
Deck Untitled: Mono Red il y a 38 minutes seatone $214 39
Deck Looting Il y a une heure Borg $215 18
Deck Budget Blue Tempo Il y a 2 heures robopuppet $74 149
Deck Styfro Pile Il y a 4 heures paulsjeff $2,596 7
Deck Snow Miracles Il y a 5 heures paulsjeff $1,684 316
Deck Hooverik Il y a 5 heures profhugo $763 5
Deck Niv Mizzet Il y a 5 heures FabianDante91 $85 27
Deck Ninja Il y a 5 heures paulsjeff $1,307 9
Deck Eldrazi Post Il y a 5 heures paulsjeff $909 173
Deck Odric, Master Tactician - Human/Soldier Tribal Il y a 6 heures Riks! $44 729
Deck UR Prowess de Diego Obregón González Il y a 8 heures mike019 $1,323 9
Deck Witness Il y a 9 heures Borg $1,263 969
Deck Azul Control v2 Il y a 15 heures LePi $1,263 62
Deck Bursting Saprolings Il y a 16 heures Zork3112 $321 9
Deck auras premodern Il y a 18 heures reikland $67 27
Deck Untitled: Mono Blue Il y a 18 heures seatone $168 25
Deck Ur Delver Il y a 18 heures Lord Chalita $1,356 83
Deck There Be Dragons Il y a 20 heures schietz21 $13 56
Deck Copy of: Nic Fit - Double Rector Il y a 20 heures Staeler $1,004 13
Deck Stormwing Delver Il y a 21 heures Oblahue $721 40


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