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How to Find Magic The Gathering Gamers to Play With?

Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is not just about building decks or adding cards to your collection; it's about the community and the shared experiences of gaming. While platforms like offer excellent resources for deck building, finding fellow MTG gamers to play with, especially outside of MTG Arena's random pairings, can be a challenge. This article guides you through various ways to connect with MTG players both offline and online, ensuring you find the right gaming companions to enhance your MTG experience.

Finding MTG Players @deckstats forum, where you can find other players

Even though we have no dedicated forum for grouping up to find other players, but only through the general discussions around cards and decks you start getting to know people you want to play with. You can always use the general forum of your language:

Use our discord channel for your matchmaking

If you like to chat through discord, you can join our discord channel and join the #matchmaking channel to find other MTG gamers to play with.

Magic The Gathering players at the table

Finding MTG Players Offline

Explore Your Local Game Store

Game stores are not just retail spaces but community hubs for gamers. They often host MTG events, tournaments, and casual play sessions. Visiting your local game store is a great way to inquire about upcoming MTG gatherings or events where you can meet other players.

Check is a valuable resource for finding local MTG-related groups. Many communities organize regular meetups, drafts, and play sessions through this platform, offering a great opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Join Game Night Events

Some libraries and community centers host game nights, including MTG sessions. Participating in these events can introduce you to local players and even spark new friendships within the MTG community.

Magic The Gathering players at the table

Finding MTG Players Online

Utilize Dedicated Platforms

Platforms like Gamers.Online, with their website and Android App, offer a dedicated space for gamers to connect. With specific pages for games like MTG, finding players who share your interest and are available for online or physical games becomes significantly easier.

Magic The Gathering players at the table

Participate in Online Forums and Communities

Joining online MTG stores, forums, and community sections can help you connect with players worldwide. These platforms are excellent for discussing events, trading cards, and organizing meetups, even virtually.

Engage in Social Media Groups

Social media platforms have numerous groups and pages dedicated to MTG. Engaging in these groups can help you find other players, learn about local events, and share your MTG experiences.

Creative Ways to Connect with MTG Players

Host Your Own MTG Game Night

Consider hosting an MTG game night in your community. Publicize the event through social media, local gaming forums, or even by distributing flyers. This initiative can help you meet new players and strengthen your local MTG community.

Explore Regional Forums on Local Gaming Sites

Local gaming websites often have dedicated sections for MTG, where members share information about local events, player gatherings, and more. Participating in these forums can help you discover new opportunities to play and connect.

Maximizing Your MTG Community Experience

Building connections within the MTG community can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Here are some tips to maximize your interactions and find the right players to game with:

  1. Be Open and Welcoming: The MTG community is known for its passion and inclusivity. Being open to players of all levels can lead to enriching gaming experiences and lasting friendships.
  2. Stay Active in Community Spaces: Regular participation in online forums, local events, and game nights can keep you informed about MTG happenings and introduce you to like-minded players.
  3. Use Dedicated Apps and Platforms: Apps like Gamers.Online specialize in connecting gamers based on shared interests, making it easier to find MTG players near you or online.


How can I find MTG players in my area?

Visit local game stores, check for local groups, participate in community game nights, and engage in regional gaming forums.

Are there online platforms to find MTG players?

Yes, platforms like Gamers.Online, dedicated MTG forums like ours at, and social media groups are great places to connect with other MTG enthusiasts.

Can I host my own MTG event to find players?

Absolutely. Hosting your own event is a fantastic way to bring local players together. Use social media and local gaming forums to publicize your event.

Finding MTG players to game with enriches your experience, offering both competitive play and a sense of community. Whether you're searching for players locally or online, the options are vast, from dedicated gaming platforms to community events. By engaging with these resources, you're sure to find fellow MTG enthusiasts ready to share in the thrill of the game.

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