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Deck Reviews / [Pauper] {S}{P}Golgari Life Plunderer
« on: July 03, 2019, 11:34:23 pm »
{S}{P}Golgari Life Plunderer

Do you like CHEAP decks?
Have you wanted a STANDARD/PAUPER deck for dirt cheap that is annoying in any group??
Do you like decks without massive card orders and NO SHIPPING COSTS???
Lastly, do you want the most SIMPLE DECK possible for learning or teaching????

Deck Goal:
To drain your opponents' life total faster than they can build their board state, while gaining some mad health too?

This is a Mill deck on life that handles multiplayer like a boss.

So grab your $10 because that is the highest you will pay for this deck and if you have any friends they will practically give these cards away for less than $2.

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