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Call of the Moon Kraken (PDH) (EDH / Commander)

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    Pauper EDH is an alternative format that uses any uncommon creature as the commander, and the 99 are commons. Technically this deck is EDH legal too!

    This deck is essentially a carbon copy of my Imoti deck but runs Gilanra, Caller of Wirewood and Brinelin, the Moon Kraken instead.

    This deck is a bit more straight-forward, you use ramp & Gilanra to get Brinelin out as quickly as possible and then start bouncing your opponents stuff as you play big buddies. I've picked most of the 6cmc< creatures with upsides that are available in PDH, most of them can cycle in the early game to find cheaper cards.

    One big difference between this deck and the Imoti deck is you don't have to avoid bad cascade targets, so we run cards like Fade Away, Arcane Denial, Counterspell and Muddle the Mixture. There's probably other great cards I'm missing.

    Other notable cards are Night Soil for graveyard hate & chump blockers, Fierce Empath lets us pick what big creature we want depending on the boardstate. Drift of Phantasms lets us transmute (tutor) for important pieces and Muddle the Mixture can too.

    For card draw we have Mulldrifter, Yavimaya Elder, efficient card draw in Deep Analysis & Treasure Cruise and Gilanra. Due to the nature of the deck it might be overboard but I like drawing cards.

    Removal is definitely the weak point of the deck, we have the costly Universal Solvent / Scour from Existence for the really scary stuff and Fade Away can be great if timed well. We also have a few efficient counterspells.

    Decks that go wide can circumvent our big creatures which can be an issue.

    I've omitted Rhystic Study & Mystic Remora, include them if you want to.

    Personally I think I prefer the Imoti deck but I wanted to explore this partner combination. There is one "win condition" I decided not to go for which is to bounce every permanent our opponents control:
    Brinelin on board -> Play Tangle Golem (you need 7 forests) then Spire Golem (you need 6 islands) -> bounce one with Brinelin -> repeat for every permanent on the board -> play Temporal Fissure

    I think including Temporal Fissure & Spire Golem for this edge case win con might be worth it, I just don't like soft "win cons" like this very much.

    If you have any questions or advice, please let me know!





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