GW Control - Nissa's Value Army (Modern)

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    Another evolution of my G/W Value Army deck.

    One thing I realised was that this deck usually plays like a weird form of a control deck, so I changed it with a control deck in mind.

    What's new in this iteration:

    - up to 5 Nissas, 2 Gideons and 1 Sun Titan, my finishers. The big Nissas can attack right away, and come down on turn 4 often. With the new planeswalker rule, the three different ones can be one the battlefield at the same time, which must be worth some kind of merit badge in Modern :-)

    - 3 Stirring Wildwood. Since this deck has no 1drops (I tried Thraben Inspector, which did not further the game plan), but wants to win by big attacks lateron, I like having several of these. Also, they are one more mana sink. And the deck is really weak to flyers, and this blocks them well (although Lingering Souls is still a real problem)

    - 2 Harmonize. This is exactly what a control deck wants to be doing on turns 4 (or 3 with a Sakura Tribe Elder down), and it surprises opponents ("What, that's Modern legal?")

    - down to 22 lands. The idea here is that Sakura Tribe is a land in 90% of times when you play him (as he very seldomly gets countered), and you won't keep a hand with only 1 land (so you can always play him). This is a weird number for a control deck, but the ramp is so good for an early Nissa, and this deck has a very low curve. Sakura is also the main reason for playing 6 basic lands (the lesser one being Blood Moon)

    - 2 Ghost Quarter, 2 Field of Ruin. Land hate is so good in the current meta, and I love (I LOVE!) to ruin Tron's and Valakut's day with Quarter, Beast Within and Path, recycled with Eternal Witness (and maybe Flickerwisp, Sun Titan and Nissa)

    - 1 Renegade Rallier for testing purposes. He ramps when I fetch first, he gets back Ghost Quarters when I use them, he gets back an Elvish Visionary or a Lone Missionary when I attack into a blocker to get the trigger again. He's a very nice target for Sun Titan and Nissa, Vital Force

    - 2 Wrath mainboard. Specially against small flyers a real life-saver. And one Cast Out for additional catch-all removal and cycling when not needed (which is why I prefer this copy over the 3d Beast Within)

    The deck is very versatile, and can take the aggressive, the controlling as well as the outgrinding role, depending on the draw and the matchup. In my eyes, this is what makes it really fun to play. In this sense, it is a bit like a midrange deck, just with less pressure and hand disruption, but with more inevitability once it gets going.

    This deck takes some time to win. In game 1, it will usually not beat Storm or Ad Nauseam or other fast combo matchups.

    It is a lot of fun to play, though!

    It is also quite budget-friendly (around 200 EUR if you get good deals?).

    The sideboard is mainly oriented on hate cards for combo and graveyard, and some cards against control.


    Sideboard price: 96.46 € | $ 113.00

    This deck appears to be legal in Modern!

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