Scarab says...? (This deck will pizz off your opponents) (Frontier)

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    Standard has shown us how good The Scarab God is aside Hostage Taker. So my first thought, being a Frontier fiend, was this could be a monster strong deck in Frontier.

    a)This deck works on so many levels. There are strong gravefillers early game that double as hand fixers. You can start games without all the vital pieces because you will adjust.

    b)You have so much removal built into your creatures that you hardly have to play much other removal. You can steal creatures, straight remove them, or steal card draws.

    c)The Scarab God and Liliana keep you going out of the grave. Nothing is truly gone, unless it is exiled.

    d)Just enough counterspell's to protect our creatures.

    -Tasigur moved to sideboard for 4th Champion of Wits.

    The Engine:
    The Scarab God x3
    -fuels the whole deck. We are willing to let our creatures find their way into the yard, whether it be destroyed, sacrificed, or discarded. We are playing so many EtB's and the Scarab God abuses them.

    Jace x4
    -still the best way to draw cards and fill the graveyard. Fixing our hand allows us to only play 25 lands and helps guarantee we will have pieces that will work together to get our engine going. Jace will often ditch creatures in favor of keeping lands, but in this build that is perfectly fine.

    Champion of Wits x4
    -a great secondary way to fix your hand and put cards in the yard. He is also our number one sac fodder for Fleshbag, but even more so Elder-Deep Fiend.

    Liliana x2
    -drops two in the grave and gets vital creatures back that get removed or we choose to discard to keep lands. She is great at keeping our game going if we do not draw the Scarab.

    Graveyard Manipulators:
    Dig Through Time x2
    -lots of juice in the yard to get this off midgame to refuel.

    -No trouble coming out cheap and doing work. *moved to the sideboard as it is not essential to the game plan and can be slow in some matchup's.

    EtB steal:
    Dragonlord Silumgar
    -steals and is hard to be removed. such a good target for the scarab once we have a counterspell in hand.

    Hostage Taker
    -so good at slowing the opponent down and even stealing mid to late game.

    -gets us a card even if he is removed. He is so perfect in this deck. Good sac fodder and even better target for Scarab.

    EtB removal:
    Noxious Gearhulk
    -removal and lifegain are both big either cast or played from the graveyard.

    Fleshbag Marauder
    -sac effect is just what the deck needs after we drop a Taker or Dragonlord. Torrential Gearhulk, Emrakul, Tyrant, or just another beatstick all get caught. Plus, you don't mind sacrificing your guy because you can get them back.

    Elder-Deep Fiend
    -a pure shut down card in a deck that is willing to sacrifice its creatures. Solid win condition in stalled games.

    Gifted Aetherborn
    -not an EtB, however it is the perfect card for the deck. Deadly against aggro, and slows down midrange attacks until you can get organized and steal their creatures. Very strong abilities when he becomes a 4/4.

    The Rest:
    Fatal Push
    -is Fatal Push.

    Supreme Will
    -pure utility. Counter a spell or search and draw a card is exactly what we want to be doing with our utility cards. Set us up, buy us time, save our creatures late game. Everything we want.

    Spell Pierce
    -counters so many of our threats for one mana.

    The Land Base:
    -two colors only. So reliable.

    The Sideboard:
    -a ton of cards for control matchups since so many of our main board creatures are designed to deal with creatures. Many of these cards also fit against other archetypes as well.
    -Kalitas is mainly to be played against aggro. He is just a reset button vs aggro.


    Prezzo sideboard: 105.65 € | $ 41.94

    This deck appears to be legal in Frontier!

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