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Do you know what the hardest part about making a green-white token deck is? Playing neither of those colors.

Welcome to my Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer deck. Brudiclad is a very popular commander for a number of reasons. First off, he seems easy to make. Slap a bunch of red and blue token cards, throw in some ramp, card draw, and lands, and you've got yourself a deck. Second, he's a fun commander to play. Watching your squad of 1/1 servos become a platoon of 2/1 myrs and then a consortium of 8/8 Krakens is entertaining. It feels special to watch this army grow in strength. Most aggro decks either "go wide" (attack with lots of creatures) or "go tall" (attack with a few big creatures). This deck hedges it's bet and does both at the same time.

However, there are some weaknesses to this deck. I've always been told that Brudiclad is a very aggressive deck that gets out of hand quickly. And while this can be true, it's not like this deck is hard to manage from an opponents' point of view. Brudiclad is an artifact creature, so he dies to every kind of removal. Boardwipes that hit either creatures or artifacts will likely decimate your board. Rebuilding from a wipe can be difficult, especially considering that Brudiclad already costs 6 mana. I still think that is way too much mana for what he does. You also have to remember that this deck wins with incremental combat damage. Like all battlecruiser decks, it's easy to out-pace them. Combo decks, or even mid-to-high-powered decks will have no problem beating Brudiclad, just by ignoring him. So sure, Brudiclad can get out of hand, but not very often. He's kind of overrated in that sense.

If you're in a low-to-average powered meta, you like token decks, and you don't feel like playing green-white tokens, then this is the commander for you.

>The Three Types of Token Producers

If you decide to make a Brudiclad deck, there is a lot of flexibility. There are a lot of good token creators out there, so use whichever ones strike your fancy. I've included what I think are the best and most fun, but that's just what I think. No matter what you do, keep in mind that there are really three main types of token producers you can use.

>Multiple Tokens

These are cards that either make a bunch of tokens in one shot (Tempt with Vengeance, Dockside Extortionist) or ones that give a few tokens every turn (Loyal Apprentice, Thopter Spy Network). The bottom line is that these cards make the "go wide" part of your army. These tokens are small but effective. A lot of them also have some level of utility. Treasure and gold tokens are used for mana. With a lot of the repeatable token creators, it helps that you can swap between the different kinds of tokens to get value depending on your situation. Need mana? Turn all your tokens into treasure. Need to draw cards off of Thopter Spy Network? Turn all your tokens into thopters.

Making lots of tokens is important. All of these cards should make either 1 token per turn, or make a bunch of tokens in one shot. Using a Beetleback Chief isn't a good idea.

>Big Tokens

Once you have a seizable token army, you're going to want to drop something big. This is the "go tall" part of the strategy. This is how Brudiclad ends the game. Instead of one 8/8 kraken, you have an army of 8/8 krakens. The big token producers unfortunately cost more mana, have a little less utility, and they often aren't repeatable. So if you get a X/X construct and then turn all your tokens into treasures, you just lost that massive creature. Try to avoid doing that. That's why you wait until you have a seizable army before playing these cards.

>Copy Effects

Lots of small tokens are one thing, and a big token is another, but sometimes, you want something that's more than just power and toughness. You want a quality creature token. For that, you first need a copy effect. I like my copy effects to be low-cost (Metamorphic Alteration, Dance of Many) or have some other upside (Saheeli Rai). These end up being dead cards without a good copy target so you don't want to include too many in the deck. After that, you need a creature that's worth copying. Some good choices include Hanweir Garrison, Sharding Sphinx, and Timestream Navigator. Also keep an eye out for your opponents' creatures. Some of them can be excellent choices to copy. Just remember that once you have a token copy of something, you shouldn't have Brudiclad change it into something else. That's counter productive.

When picking copy effects, it is much more important that they be able to copy your creatures over your opponents creatures. You know that you have good creatures. Your opponents might only have their commander, which is a bad idea to copy with the legend rule and all. Stay away from cards like Hate Mirage that can only copy your opponents' creatures.

>Playing the Deck

>Starting Hand

Here's something embarrassing; I still don't know what makes a good starting hand with Brudiclad. I know that mana ramp is something good, if anything just so you can cast Brudiclad sooner. You're also going to want a token creator or two, and then some card draw, so you can get into more good stuff. But getting all of those things in one hand is unlikely. It's irritatingly easy for this deck to blow through all of its resources and go into top-deck mode. That's something I've been trying to fix, but I haven't solved it yet.

What you really want is some early plays for your starting hand. Don't bother holding on to copy effects and the big token producers. You can draw into those later. Make sure you have at least one or two token producers, so Brudiclad has something to work with before he gets played.

>Early Turns

Start with mana ramp. You don't need a lot, but an Izzet Signet or a Talisman of Creativity can go a long way. If your mana ramp is in the form of tokens (Curse of Opulence, Captain Lannery Storm) all the better. Then you're going to want some small token creators. This way, you can gradually build a small force before Brudiclad comes out. At least that way you'll have something to work with.

You'll notice that this is kinda a lot to ask for from a starting hand. Fortunately, a lot of the cards in this deck can do more than one thing. A lot of the cards in this deck produce tokens as a by-product of something else. Like with Ghired's Belligerence, where removal becomes tokens, or with Dockside Extortionist, where a ritual effect becomes tokens.

>Winning the Game

>Combat Damage

I'm sure by now you already get the gist of a combat-based win. Do some small chip damage before swinging in with one big attack. Urza, Lord High Artificer gives the best token for the finishing blow. Shared Animosity is also really good for attacking with huge power. Combat damage is the most common way that this deck wins, but it's not the best way.

>Combat Celebrant combo

When possible, you'll want to win with a combo rather than combat damage. For this combo, you make a token copy of Combat Celebrant before combat. Then when you go to combat, Brudiclad will make a myr and have it turn into Combat Celebrant, with haste. Attack and exert it for an extra combat, and the loop repeats. You win with infinite combat damage. NOTE: sometimes this combo can get messed up if your opponents have a creature with first strike, as they're able to block the Combat Celebrant copies without consequence.

>Timestream Navigator combo

Use a copy effect to make a token copy of Timestream Navigator. Come combat, turn all of your tokens into Timestream Navigators. Then you can use 4 mana to take an extra turn. Because Brudiclad makes one myr token that you can turn into a Timestream Navigator, you now have infinite extra turns.

>Single Card Discussion

A lot of the cards in this deck actually do more than one thing. For example, Captain Lannery Storm is both mana ramp and a card that makes multiple tokens. Prismari Command is removal, ramp, card draw, and a token producer. In these cases, I've put the cards with whatever their primary function is.

>Multiple Tokens

Ancient Copper Dragon: I'm gonna try this out. It seems like a priority target for removal as it creates so many treasure tokens.
Fable of the Mirror Breaker: The first ability is what's really important. A token that makes treasure is useful. Even better if you can make an entire horde of goblin shamans that make treasure.
Hanweir Garrison: giving two humans each turn is pretty good at 3 mana, you just need to make sure that you can attack safely each turn. You might be able to get Hanweir, the Writhing Township, but don't count on it. Or you can copy this card to produce boatloads of humans.
Krenko, Mob Boss: This deck has a goblin sub-theme, mostly because a lot of the good token creators in red make goblins.
Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin: Incrementally more goblin tokens if you can get him to survive each combat. A slight improvement over Hanweir Garrison.
Legion Warboss: An arguably better token producer than Goblin Assault. Also a good copy target.
Loyal Apprentice: Not really good for getting tokens before Brudiclad comes out, but she's still good at only 2 mana.
Poetic Ingenuity: When you cast Brudiclad you'll get a dinosaur. Then you can turn all your tokens into dinosaurs and get a bunch of treasures. Very good for only 3 mana.
Rose Room Treasurer: Makes tokens alongside Brudiclad and many other cards. I'm not sure how often I'm going to use the removal aspect.
Saheeli, Sublime Artificer: Saheeli can give a good number of servos and is also a copy effect.
Saheeli, the Gifted: This planeswalker does it all. She gives tokens, mana ramp, and has a fairly good ultimate.
Sharding Sphinx: Very good token production. Can effectively double the number for tokens you have each turn. It's also a good copy target.
Sokenzan, Crucible of Defiance: Likely going to be played as a land, but at least the option to get tokens is there.
Tempt with Vengeance: Gives massive amounts of tokens. Tip for using this card: convince your opponents that whoever doesn't take the offer is likely to get attacked by everyone who did.

Notable Exclusions

Academy Manufactor: I've been meaning to try this out, although if Xorn taught me anything, it's that this card is useless if I'm not also making treasures.
Brass's Bounty: Because this thing costs 7 mana it's not very good ramp, but it does give a lot of tokens. I eventually got rid of it, because it is a very steep cost for what it does.
Chancellor of the Forge: The pre-game effect is nice, but this 7-mana card would rarely get casted. It does a good job when you can play it, so it's worth considering.
Chasm Skulker: It can give a lot of tokens when it dies. Or rather, if it dies. I need more reliable mass token producers.
Dragon Fodder/Krenko's Command/Hordeling Outburst: These just don't make enough tokens for this deck. They might work in a more goblin-centric deck.
Efficient Construction: Not worth it at 4 mana. There are other cards that are just better.
Emrakul's Hatcher: 5 mana for 3 tokens is pretty sub-par, but they can be sacrificed for mana. Still, I think with all the treasure token producers I can ditch this now.
Genesis Chamber: Giving your opponents 1/1 myrs isn't that big of a downside, and at two mana this is an efficient token producer. My issue is that my creature count was a little too low to make this work. In your build, this might end up being a good card.
Goblin Assault and Goblin Rabblemaster: Not terrible, but there are better options.
Improbable Alliance: Nice at 2 mana, but not that great of a token producer.
Impulsive Pilferer: In a sacrifice-based build this could work. But getting this card into the grave for the first time is difficult in this deck.
Jace, Cunning Castaway: As much as I would love to just have Jace after Jace after Jace, it's not easy to do, and not a very big payoff.
Kher Keep: It's tempting, but I'm not likely to spend effectively 3 mana for one token. I'd rather use a land that gives coloured mana. If ever I get tired of Hanweir Battlements I'll swap in Kher Keep.
Mirrodin Besieged: Gives token production but doesn't do anything else. I can't reliably cast an artifact every turn.
Murmuring Mystic: There aren't enough instants and sorceries to make this card work. Even then, 4 mana is too much.
Myr Battlesphere: You would expect a 7 mana card to win games. This does not do that.
Nadir Kraken: Gives a decent amount of tokens, but paying mana for each token is tiresome.
Ovika, Enigma Goliath: That's a big mana cost and I don't get the tokens right away. It's too much effort for too little payoff.
Retrofitter Foundry: None of these tokens are all that powerful, so paying 2 mana for a token once per turn is not great.
Rite of the Raging Storm: Gives one token per turn, causes your opponents to fight each other, and it can give you really powerful tokens in the late game to finish everyone in one sweep. But it's 5 mana. There was always something better to play.
Tamiyo's Journal: Gives one token per turn and can be used to search for Urza or some other good card. Unfortunately, 5 mana is a lot for slow token generation.
Tezzeret, Artifice Master: 5 mana is a lot, but he's not a terrible choice. He doubles as a token producer and some semi-good card draw.
Tilonalli's Summoner: As a 1/1 creature, this card will not survive combat, so you can get a lot of tokens one time. There are other cards that can do that.
The Locust God: This is actually a good card, but 6 mana is a lot. I'm going to try it out in the future.
Trail of Evidence: There aren't enough instants and sorceries to make this any good.

>Big Tokens

Karn, Scion of Urza: Karn doesn't give as good utility as Urza himself, but that construct token can still win games.
Ominous Seas: A good early game play that becomes useful in the late game.
Urza's Command: Mostly in here for the big token, but the other options have their uses.
Urza, Lord High Artificer: Urza gives the best token this deck has, gives mana ramp, and gives card advantage. A staple for this deck.

Notable Exclusions

Ancient Stone Idol: Its pretty easy to get this thing to cost less mana, but getting it to die for the token is more difficult than what it's worth. It does make a fairly good copy target though.
Call the Skybreaker: Too much mana, not a big enough token.
Desolation Twin: Same problem as a lot of cards on this exclusion list; it's just too much mana.
Kiora Bests the Sea God: Really high mana cost for what it does. It does other things but it's not worth it.
Mirrex: it's not terrible, but I'll almost always have another use for that four mana.
Phyrexian Processor: You can get bigger tokens that don't cost as much mana and don't cost any life.
Reef Worm: This card can actually be really good boardwipe protection. If all of your tokens are whales, then a boardwipe will turn them all into krakens. The issue is just getting Reef Worm to die the first time. Don't get me wrong, this card is a lot of fun, but you need to include sacrifice themes for it to work.
Shark Typhoon: Besides wanting to avoid everyone saying "Sharknado" every time I cast this spell, there aren't really any high-cost non-creatures. The biggest shark I would get is a 5/5. It's also bad as a repeat token generator, because it costs 6 mana. That leaves the cycling effect. It's... alright... but there are still bigger tokens you can get at the mana cost it's offering.
Stone Idol Trap: In order to pay the reduced cost and be able to use Brudiclad with it, you have to be casting this when someone else is attacking. It could work in a combat-heavy meta but because I'm the aggressive deck in my meta I'd be paying the full 6 mana. Not worth it.
Urabrask's Forge: this should be treated like a big token card rather than multiple tokens, because you never get to keep the token this card makes (even if you turn it into something else with Brudiclad). And it takes too long for you to get a big token from this card.
Utvara Hellkite: Unless you have a deck with lots of dragons (my deck has almost none) there is a two turn delay between playing this card and being able to turn your army into dragons.
Wurmcoil Engine: This makes for a good copy target, but on it's own this is lackluster. You need it to die somehow, and then the 3/3 tokens aren't that great.

>Copy Effects

Dance of Many: A simple 2 mana copy effect. You're likely not going to pay the upkeep cost, but that's okay, as all your other tokens will be copies by then.
Irenicus's Vile Duplication: This is for copying Brudiclad, as the copy is non-legendary and also gets flying for some reason. Or you can use this to copy an opponent's commander to make wacky things occur.
Metamorphic Alteration: Arguably the best copy effect of this deck. It's very low cost, and can copy your opponents stuff.
Mystic Reflection: Cast this spell right before combat so the Myr token that Brudiclad creates becomes something else, then you get all your tokens to copy it.
Saheeli Rai: Her ability to copy and scry are both useful, all for a low mana cost.

Notable Exclusions

Blade of Shared Souls: A good choice at three mana. Most of my copy spells are two mana, although I have considered swapping it for Saheeli Rai.
Blue Sun's Twilight: Too much mana for a copy effect.
Cackling Counterpart: A simple low-cost copy effect. The flashback is also nice if you end up wheeling it away. There's better options though.
Clone Legion: I'd like to use it as I think it can win games, but the games always end before this card can be useful.
Faerie Artisans: This is my fun card pick. It only ever gives one token, but that token changes all the time. It makes for some interesting things. I want to swap it back in at some point.
Fated Infatuation: It's not a bad copy effect, there's just better out there.
Feldon of the Third Path: Without a mill or sacrifice strategy in this deck, I can't get enough creatures in grave for Feldon to be useful.
Flameshadow Conjuring: The up-front cost was too much, because you will still only use this on a creature worth making a copy of.
Hate Mirage: You cannot rely on your opponents having good enough creatures for you to copy.
Helm of the Host: Having an army of Brudiclad copies is amazing. It's a shame that no one ever lets that happen. Helm of the Host's mana costs just make this goal impractical.
Jaxis, the Troublemaker: Tempting, it can be a repeatable copy effect. It costs 3 mana to copy something immediately though, and I already have good choices at 3 mana.
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker/Rionya, Fire Dancer: Good repeatable copy effect, but 5 mana is a lot.
Mechanized Production: No one will let you win with this card. Because you're waiting for your upkeep there is a full turn cycle where your three opponents can stop you from winning. It effectively becomes a 4 mana repeatable token creator that makes everyone think you're the big threat.
Mimic Vat: There are too many hoops to jump through just to get a copy. There are many more efficient options.
Mirrorpool: Tried this card, hated it. First, it enters tapped unconditionally, which us always a bad sign. Second, it only gives colourless. Third, it requires colourless to use its effect (at the time there were only 7 other colourless sources in the deck). And lastly, it effectively costs 6 mana just to copy a creature. All around not worth it.
Quasiduplicate: This used to be in the deck, but the recent power creep among new copy effects pushed this card out of the deck.
Rite of Replication: Kicking it for more copies is nice and all, but I only need one copy anyway. I'll use the more mana efficient options.
Saheeli's Artistry: Good copy effect that can also take your opponents' stuff. Shame it costs so much.
Splinter Twin: It's a 4 mana copy effect. There are 3 mana options. There's combo potential if you like including dead cards in your decks.
Stolen Identity: A nice repeatable copy effect. That's assuming that you'll be able to deal combat damage.
Sublime Epiphany: A lot of mana to use, but it pulls double duty as removal and a copy effect. But that mana cost is still too much.
Supplant Form: Works like a copy effect, and removal. Mostly a copy effect.
Theoretical Duplication: I've considered it, as there is a person in my meta who loves her ETB creatures, but I'm still going to stay away from copy effects that only target my opponents' things.
Zndrsplt's Judgment: Double duty as a copy effect and weak removal. It has a high cost though.

>Mana Ramp

Arcane Signet: Auto-include
Captain Lannery Storm: Decent mana ramp in the form of treasure tokens, so they can be used for more than just mana.
Curse of Opulence: Very good card for this deck. Stick it on the player that is least likely to be attacking, so you can maximize the amount of gold you get.
Dockside Extortionist: Massive amount of treasure tokens, even in the early game.
Fellwar Stone: Auto-include
Goldspan Dragon: Gives a token on the same turn it costs out, and more or less doubles the mana output of treasure tokens.
Izzet Signet: Auto-include.
Liquimetal Torque: Decent ramp and it turns artifact removal into everything removal.
Noble's Purse: Gives mana ramp in the form of tokens, a nice bonus for this deck.
Professional Face-Breaker: Brother to Captain Lannery Storm. This one also triples as card advantage and a good copy target. The only downside is that you get the token on damage, not on attacks. Fortunately the menace helps.
Sol Ring: Auto-include
Storm the Vault: Gives treasures at first, and then a lot of blue mana.
Talisman of Creativity: Auto-include
Treasure Vault: There are a good number of artifacts in this deck so the colorless cost isn't too bad. And hey, if I have nothing else to use the mana on, I'll make some more treasures.

Notable Exclusions

Ashnod's Altar + Phyrexian Altar: Having a super large amount of mana at my disposal isn't something this deck really needs, unless Brudiclad has been removed one too many times. Even then, there are enough treasure tokens to make up for this.
Ethirium Sculptor: There wasn't enough artifacts to make this worthwhile, so I eventually swapped it out. Getting a discount on Brudiclad's hefty mana cost was nice though.
Mind Stone: An alright form of mana ramp but not the greatest.
Prying Blade: The setup to get mana out of this card is too much. There is better mana ramp and there are better token producers.
Skyclave Relic: It's better in this deck than in most decks, but only if you kick it. At 6 mana it is neither good ramp nor a good token producer.
Xorn: Synergies with treasure tokens. Useless if there are no other treasure token producers, so it got cut.

>Card Draw

Broodbirth Viper: The draw is sub-par. But if you copy this card, amazing.
Curiosity Crafter: Obviously good card draw in a token deck.
Humble Defector: I guess this is my pet card. The trick here is to give it to someone who you know will give it back. If they don't give it back, never give it to them again. Even in future games.
Idol of Oblivion: One extra card each turn. It can also be a finisher in the late game.
Manifold Insights: A surprisingly good draw spell. I have trouble explaining how good it is, so I suggest you try it out in one of your own decks.
Minds Aglow: Massive card draw, but it can also give an advantage to your opponents. Just be careful with it.
One with the Machine: Brudiclad is 6 mana. This is almost guaranteed to draw you 6 cards. And that is the only time that Brudiclad's extensive mana cost is a good thing.
Padeem, Consul of Innovation: Because Brudiclad is 6 mana you're almost guaranteed to get the card draw, and she also protects Brudiclad from removal.
Skullclamp: This is some very good repeatable card draw. A staple of token decks.
Thopter Spy Network: With this you'll draw an extra card each turn, and make one token each turn.
War Room: I'm trying this out. Only giving colorless is a minimal downside, but I'm not sure if I'm ever going to use it's draw effect to begin with.
Wheel of Fate: If you play this in the early game, 4 turns is enough time for you to blow through your hand, so you wheel just in time.
Wheel of Misfortune + Windfall: Basic wheel effects. Staple draw spells.

Notable Exclusions

Big Score/Unexpected Windfall: Tempting, as they discount themselves, but it's not great draw at 4 mana. If I get sick of Manifold Insights I'll swap one of these in.
Mystic Remora/Rhystic Study: I'd include Rhystic Study if other decks I own didn't take priority for this card. If you have a spare one, use it.
Sai, Master Thopterist: Sai is good for making a decent amount of tokens, and you can also turn those tokens into card draw if you need to. Requires a lot of work though to benefit from the card draw. I might put him back in.
Treasure Map: The low mana cost makes this an efficient choice, it just takes a long time to get any good value out of this card. Not using it for now.


Abrade: Staple in red. Removing both artifacts and creatures is great.
An Offer You Can't Refuse: A good protection spell with a minor cost.
Arcane Denial: I like the draw that this gives, and that it hits all targets, but I still wonder if Swan Song would be better.
Cyclonic Rift: This card can obviously win games.
Ghired's Belligerence: Dual purpose removal and token production, but I'm not sure if it does either of these things well.
Otawara, Soaring City: Likely to be played as a land, but at least it has the option to be removal.
Perplexing Test: Removing Brudiclad isn't ideal, but boardwipes are used in desperate situations anyway. And he goes to hand so it shouldn't be hard to get him back. Also, this boardwipe is an instant.
Plaza of Heroes: You know how Brudiclad dies to like... everything. Protection on a land is really good.
Prismari Command: I'm not too thrilled about it being 3 mana, but I'm hoping the versatility of it makes up for this.
Resculpt: It's nice that it can't remove creatures and artifacts. Do not use it to remove one of your weaker tokens so you get a 4/4 elemental army. Don't do it!
Spell Swindle: This can give you lots of treasure tokens, but you need to intentionally leave the mana open. It can be tricky to use, but it helps with mana ramp too.
Stubborn Denial: Good one mana boardwipe protection, among other things. Brudiclad has power 4.
Visions of Ruin: 4 mana to remove three artifacts, get three treasure, and then you can do it again. Excellent.

Notable Exclusions

Access Denied: Similar to Spell Swindle, but treasures are better than thopters. 5 mana is a lot for for a counterspell so I'd rather use the one that can also count as ramp.
Blasphemous Act: This deck is pretty vulnerable to boardwipes. As a result, it only uses the ones that are mostly one-sided.
Chaos Warp: Just a little too much mana. I might swap it in if I think I need more enchantment removal.
Confirm Suspicions: The treasure tokens that Spell Swindle gives is better than the clue tokens that this gives. 5 mana is a crazy amount for a counterspell, so it has to be worth it.
Descent of the Dragons: I don't know what it is about this card, but it is not as good in Brudiclad as you might think. Maybe it's the mana cost, maybe the sorcery speed. Not sure, but there are better removal choices.
Expel from Orazca: Removal that hits all targets. I like it, but Cyclonic Rift is better.
Fierce Guardianship: Use this as an upgrade to Stubborn Denial. I'm working on getting yet another copy of this card.
Furystoke Giant: This card works decently well as a one-sided boardwipe. It just requires a lot of prior setup, and you're better off trying to play a big token at that point in the game.
Launch Mishap: Counterspells at 3 or mana need to do something special. This is not that.
Purphoros's Intervention: It can remove creatures and planeswalkers, or be used to make a massive token to try and win the game. Because it's an X spell it wasn't really good at being efficient removal.
Sublime Epiphany: I'd be giving up my turn to hold open this much mana.


Artifact Lands: There are a couple of cards that care about artifacts in this deck. Not a lot, but I'm still including the artifact lands to help support those cards.
Combat Celebrant: Game winning if you can copy it. It's also not a dead card if you just want the extra combats.
Hanweir Battlements: I've included this on the off-chance that I can one day form Hanweir, the Writhing Township. Even if I do meld it, it's not really good as it gives the same amount of tokens as Hanweir Garrison, but I want to be able to say that I pulled it off.
Hellrider: Normally this card just adds to the incremental damage. But if you can copy this card, you'll win after one combat.
Shared Animosity: Because all of your tokens share a creature type with each other even a thopter army can end games with this card.
Over the Top: I'm going to test this out. It should give me more permanents than most of my opponents, and create some crazy circumstances.
Timestream Navigator: If you can copy her, she'll win games. Otherwise she doesn't do much, but she still has a little bit of utility.

Notable Exclusions

Brash Taunter: A good copy target... but that's it. Not very practical as a card on it's own.
Coat of Arms: I've considered it, as it ends games the same way Shared Animosity does. I just couldn't find a slot for it. The construct tokens from Urza and Karn give approximately the same result, for one less mana.

>Different Ways of Building Brudiclad

Brudiclad is one of those commanders that can be built in a lot of different ways. The deck that I've built tries to take the best cards from each of these strategies to make one solid Brudiclad deck. However, you might instead want to specialize your Brudiclad into something more unique. I've tried to include a brief summary of some of the different ways of making Brudiclad, and also include what my deck uses from these strategies.


This build is probably the easiest one. You include a lot of artifacts and then you include a lot of cards that benefit from you having artifacts and from casting artifacts. Cards like Mirrodin Besieged and Efficient Construction. Because Brudiclad is also an artifact he contributes to this strategy a little bit.

Cards I use

One with the Machine
Poetic Ingenuity
Sharding Sphinx
Thopter Spy Network


This build is about casting lots of instants and sorceries. Like the artifact-based strategy it works with cards that give you tokens when you cast an instant or sorcery, like Young Pyromancer, Murmuring Mystic, Metallurgic Summonings, and Docent of Perfection. Make sure that a lot of those spells also draw you cards though, so you can keep casting spells.

Cards I use

Saheeli, Sublime Artificer

>Goblin Tribal

Most of the good token producers in red make treasures or goblins. Goblins are also a tribe with a lot of synergy between them, so they go well with the "go wide" part of Brudiclad. Cards like Skirk Prospector give you mana, Skirk Fire Marshal can be a boardwipe, and Goblin Piledriver makes a good copy target.

Cards I use

Krenko, Mob Boss
Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin
Legion Warboss

>Sacrifice effects

This tactic aims to use your tokens as a disposable resource. Mostly for mana with things like Krark-Clan Ironworks, Ashnod's Altar, and Phyrexian Altar. They also tend to use cards that create tokens when they die, like Reef Worm, Impulsive Pilferer, and Chasm Skulker. This means that the deck becomes less about incremental combat damage, and needs to instead aim for a big explosive turn, or a combo.

Cards I use


>Seven Dwarves

Alright, this one is a bit funny. The goal is to make a copy of Seven Dwarves and then have Brudiclad turn all of your tokens into Seven Dwarves, so they all get a massive buff. Because you can include 7 copies of Seven Dwarves this build is very consistent and resilient. The only downside is that fitting in the dwarves and extra copy effects requires you to slot out a lot of cards.

Cards I use

I don't take any specific cards from the Seven Dwarves strategy. Instead I use Urza, Lord High Artificer, Karn, Scion of Urza, and Shared Animosity to mimic the same result; an army where they all get a massive buff.

>Mirror Gallery

This strategy aims to somehow make a token copy of Brudiclad that can stick around. Either by using Mirror Gallery, Helm of the Host, or by copying Sakashima of a Thousand Faces. Whatever the case, the end result is that you get a bunch of Brudiclad tokens, that each make a 2/1 Myr come combat, which promptly become more Brudiclads. This effectively doubles the amount of tokens you have each turn.

Cards I use

Irenicus's Vile Duplication. This strategy is really easy to pull off with this card alone.

This deck appears to be legal in EDH / Commander.

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