slow storm (Modern)

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    [WIP] Questo mazzo è in fase di lavorazione (non è finito)


    It's like the very popular storm deck just with some of the cards i don't have changed for cards that i do have and a more chilled out approach, you don't need to pop them with a grapeshot every turn four, sometimes you can just hold their creatures down whilst you counter their stuff.

    Baral and remand are basically besties
    cryptic command can counter draw to play nicely with Baral or tap out opponents creatures to allow your ciphered hidden strings to hit and untap your lands.

    hidden strings is a versatile blue card for either ramp or board control. it can generate lots of mana in the long run if you cipher it well.

    Because hidden strings grapeshot, past in flames and serum visions are sorcery quicken is often useful and quickens presence allows us to take away half of days undoings downsides.

    So that's our draw package and blue mana sources sorted and the rest is similar to storm with a few neat creature interactions I shoehorned in there and some valuetown stuff i'm not going to avoid playing now that i own it, such as snappy and the blood moons.


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