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Standard Decks

Min.: $   Max.: $

About Standard

Standard uses only cards from the most recent sets. Because a new set enters Standard every three months, and four sets leave every year, the landscape of Standard is constantly changing.

Deck name Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck Phyrexia Toxic 59 minutes ago zorritoNocturno $81 8
Deck SULTAI REANIMATOR an hour ago elreynikos $349 15
Deck Rotpriest Combo an hour ago bensjammin $133 10
Deck black white control an hour ago Andorio1996 1 $89 103
Deck Phyrexia 2 hours ago Giovanni94 $34 59
Deck UB Proliferate 2 hours ago wonjunicle $13 16
Deck Oil phyrexia 9 hours ago zuvirax $20 23
Deck Posion Frogs 9 hours ago Garden Gnome $163 13
Deck std c 10 hours ago Macdatho $276 17
Deck Ignite the Forge 10 hours ago Afernandez $30 21
Deck equip phyrexia 10 hours ago zuvirax $15 20
Deck equipment 10 hours ago Schuerzwerg $34 37
Deck Dimir combo 11 hours ago URSSwain $58 15
Deck mono red phyrexia 11 hours ago zuvirax $16 23
Deck standar 12 hours ago leilen15 $35 12
Deck Mono red big 12 hours ago URSSwain $194 12
Deck Gamer 15 hours ago OdinTheFabulous $269 39
Deck Boros equip 15 hours ago URSSwain $132 29
Deck Delmo 15 hours ago solol $131 11
Deck Simic rotpriest 16 hours ago URSSwain $150 20

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