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Decks de Standard

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About Standard

Standard uses only cards from the most recent sets. Because a new set enters Standard every three months, and four sets leave every year, the landscape of Standard is constantly changing.

Nome do Deck Última atualização Por Curtidas Preço Visualizações
Deck GRIXIS CONTROL 42 minutos atrás juandutra $285 294
Deck Mini Dwarven hoard uma hora atrás Crau $18 13
Deck Big Red Deck uma hora atrás depri_92 $114 69
Deck Toski Mutate 2 horas atrás Gilles86 $84 19
Deck Dwarven Hoard 3 horas atrás Crau $73 30
Deck Touched By Death 3 horas atrás Mty0wl $21 44
Deck BW Orzhov Lifegain Aggro Equipped Clerics 3 horas atrás Venzer $154 49
Deck Birgi 4 horas atrás ComeOnToshi $140 22
Deck Selesnya Rune Spirit 4 horas atrás stfletch $72 37
Deck black white life 7 horas atrás ExoduS26672 $38 22
Deck Monowhite aggro 8 horas atrás geministrike128 $99 21
Deck MonoWhiteLifegainAngel 11 horas atrás Billzabub999 $39 12
Deck RAGRO 12 horas atrás SmellyLeopard $88 26
Deck Angels 12 horas atrás SmellyLeopard $63 29
Deck Angels of Doom 13 horas atrás SmellyLeopard $113 61
Deck Naya Rune Spirit 13 horas atrás stfletch $114 29
Deck Tyvar Kell 15 horas atrás b0c0r $23 18
Deck Abzan Landfall 17 horas atrás Crispybraves21 $13 9
Deck berserk 19 horas atrás SmellyLeopard $98 60
Deck Mutated Shuwarma 19 horas atrás rvpasap 2 $26 78


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