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Decks de Standard

Mín: $   Máx: $

About Standard

Standard uses only cards from the most recent sets. Because a new set enters Standard every three months, and four sets leave every year, the landscape of Standard is constantly changing.

Nome do Deck Última atualização Por Curtidas Preço Visualizações
Deck Punktlandung 48 minutos atrás sagu23 1 $39 1,357
Deck vince vampire neu uma hora atrás sagu23 $239 16
Deck Sultai Fight rigging uma hora atrás URSSwain $240 25
Deck Jund segundos atrás fossilwc3 $324 30
Deck Copy of: Izzet Control 6 horas atrás jcyrano $164 7
Deck Temur Ascendancy Combo 12 horas atrás FrostyWolf359 $388 549
Deck $20 Series: Citizen Mob 14 horas atrás Ogaiht $14 93
Deck Copy of: Lambs 14 horas atrás switchhanded $44 16
Deck Lambs 15 horas atrás switchhanded $315 9
Deck Starter_White_Blue 16 horas atrás corp2L $10 6
Deck Starter_Red_Green 16 horas atrás corp2L $3 19
Deck ColdBlooded 16 horas atrás corp2L $56 10
Deck Esper Midrange 17 horas atrás bensjammin $545 236
Deck Jet Black 18 horas atrás stellacastor $32 156
Deck UW Approach 19 horas atrás Unukalhai $102 114
Deck Uniwhite 19 horas atrás stellacastor $51 135
Deck Armed&Dangerous 20 horas atrás corp2L $15 26
Deck U Tempo 22 horas atrás BOUrza $126 15
Deck Go Toski 23 horas atrás mertenerd $59 9
Deck Kaldheim Angels 1 dias atrás roofi $90 132

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