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Deck name Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck Rakdos Multiplayer 16 minutes ago AsyrixXx $137 163
Deck Royal Scion Custom 3 19 minutes ago beanway $41 12
Deck Eldrazi devoid, Ugin 20 minutes ago SSOR117 $131 175
Deck Mono Blue Merfolk Flyers 54 minutes ago GentlemanEddie $244 17
Deck Wish list 59 minutes ago jstaffon $175 33
Deck Copy of: Cards 9/30 (kraum&Zur&Yarok&Twin&Tasigur&4colorsRashmi&Izzet&Temur&flash&Animar&Lands) an hour ago SMASHER $821 21
Deck B Zombie an hour ago Pigov 1 $214 15,975
Deck BU Unblockable Cipher Mill an hour ago Pigov 1 $94 15,724
Deck B Demonic Assasination an hour ago Pigov $124 11,197
Deck hesrdyhs an hour ago Txipi $17 2
Deck Kytheon Renowned an hour ago Pigov $62 1,362
Deck UR an hour ago Jithrandix $35 41
Deck WG an hour ago Jithrandix $33 42
Deck RB an hour ago Jithrandix $13 17
Deck UG an hour ago Jithrandix $40 44
Deck B/W Orzhov Token Aggro an hour ago Pigov $86 9,819
Deck The Deck an hour ago jediosu $48,816 13
Deck R/W Heroic Aggro an hour ago Pigov $36 10,447
Deck Boros Battalion an hour ago Pigov $72 7,551
Deck Gruul Ramp ->Burn Budget V3 an hour ago Pigov 12 $33 3,739


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