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Casual Decks

Min.: $   Max.: $

About Casual

Casual (sometimes called Kitchen) has no real rules or restrictions, so it's perfect for playing among friends at the kitchen table. Although there are no official rules, it's usually safe to assume that a casual deck has a minimum 60 cards, no more than 4 copies of each card, and you begin the game with 20 life.

Deck name Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck WB Vampire 21 minutes ago lkswgnr $17 8
Deck BR Pirate Aggro 41 minutes ago lkswgnr $8 11
Deck NINJUTSU an hour ago VeraHax $253 76
Deck Mordor an hour ago Otovitu $13 6
Deck Krieger an hour ago CrazyGringo $17 13
Deck Sauron an hour ago Otovitu $350 9
Deck Sobreviventes Corrompido an hour ago Otovitu $17 14
Deck UBr Reanimator an hour ago Sweetblues $3,844 78
Deck Liga limitado 2 hours ago Zeymer $28 25
Deck Selesnya enchantment 2 hours ago Kartenkater $94 16
Deck Untitled Deck 2 hours ago Albano_ $191 171
Deck Ixalan Merfolk 3 hours ago DGriffin86 $20 3
Deck Fate veloce 3 hours ago KB_DOS $217 55
Deck golgari budget 3 hours ago Vatzimus $137 56
Deck PROCURADOR DE CARTAS 3 hours ago krowten $2,008 8
Deck BOUNTY LAW! 3 hours ago 523Scale $224 53
Deck roulette 3 hours ago laforgue $567 1
Deck Thunder Junction 3 hours ago NumFive $9 9
Deck bianco/blu 4 hours ago FraDetto $11 40
Deck WishStorm 4 hours ago SatanassoInfernale $381 18

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