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About Casual

Casual (sometimes called Kitchen) has no real rules or restrictions, so it's perfect for playing among friends at the kitchen table. Although there are no official rules, it's usually safe to assume that a casual deck has a minimum 60 cards, no more than 4 copies of each card, and you begin the game with 20 life.

Nome do Deck Última atualização Por Curtidas Preço Visualizações
Deck LIFE SKILLS 2 minutos atrás neutriny $20 4
Deck BWR Mardu Terror 21 minutos atrás FelixKrowe $375 267
Deck Mardu Monarch 27 minutos atrás chrism $202 69
Deck Elves Rampage 27 minutos atrás markfrys $296 6
Deck Dimir Surveil Doppelganger 46 minutos atrás Pigov $61 171
Deck Suicide Black PreModern Unchained 50 minutos atrás Comicalflop $541 6
Deck Ancient Times 5 BGw v1 uma hora atrás Decentral $1,167 48
Deck Zoo uma hora atrás Ranahr $43 338
Deck Test UW Control uma hora atrás Nalianna $563 40
Deck kaldheim mensen 2 horas atrás Zwartbaard88 $41 19
Deck Izzet Drakes 2 horas atrás Panzerfire93 1 $25 60
Deck Grixis Bolas (Casual) 2 horas atrás Evelio510 $548 32
Deck Siege with the Wall 2 horas atrás Verix $22 20
Deck Sultai Sidisi Whip 2 horas atrás Pigov $124 289
Deck Challenger 2020 - Flash of Ferocity 2 horas atrás Nostereo $29 16
Deck B/G Knight 2 horas atrás volfen30 $34 16
Deck BU Skaab 2 horas atrás Pigov $107 15,712
Deck Mono Black Rats 2 horas atrás Pigov 1 $24 8,876
Deck bg delirium wip 2 horas atrás Ren96 $22 27
Deck Green Stompy PreModern Unchained 3 horas atrás Comicalflop $98 14


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