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About Casual

Casual (sometimes called Kitchen) has no real rules or restrictions, so it's perfect for playing among friends at the kitchen table. Although there are no official rules, it's usually safe to assume that a casual deck has a minimum 60 cards, no more than 4 copies of each card, and you begin the game with 20 life.

Decks de Casual

Nome do Deck Última atualização Por Curtidas Preço Visualizações
Deck FFA Sacrifice/Goad/Pillowfort 13 minutos atrás Epidemx $207 143
Deck Toy Factory v2 52 minutos atrás MMerryweather $95 29
Deck Zoo uma hora atrás Ranahr $26 30
Deck Owned Mythics uma hora atrás Uchihab7 $787 179
Deck Gruul Fight 2 horas atrás Itakori $22 10
Deck gay baby jail 3 horas atrás godzirra $452 11
Deck Black/White Multiplayer match 3 horas atrás LostSanctuary $312 5
Deck Tron Flicker 4 horas atrás MKS-Chicken $55 32
Deck Buy list Lev 4 horas atrás Love41k $18 25
Deck Level up! 5 horas atrás donzen $30 112
Deck Mono White Equipment Soldiers Aggro 6 horas atrás JulesR04 $73 168
Deck Tokens Baby 7 horas atrás chrisdes915 $60 213
Deck Kobald Storm 7 horas atrás NarwhalPuncher $113 7
Deck Witch-Maw Cantrips 8 horas atrás PandaShoop $31 8
Deck Cartas que necesito 9 horas atrás nimartinezpa $163 91
Deck Dredge-a-Tog 9 horas atrás igor_faria $347 111
Deck xenagoat 10 horas atrás Scrubyies $72 4
Deck Mono black devotion 10 horas atrás DRM321 $36 42
Deck UB Transmuter 10 horas atrás igor_faria $287 900
Deck Artifacts 10 horas atrás chrisdes915 $40 174


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