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Modern Decks

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Über Modern

Modern was initially designed as a format where people could use their cards that had just rotated out of Standard. Modern's card pool includes all cards that were legal in Standard since Mirrodin and 8th Edition, as well as Modern Horizons.

Name des Decks Letzte Änderung Von Likes Preis Aufrufe
Deck Calibrated Blast vor 44 Minuten Vezram $443 58
Deck Jund Creativity vor einer Stunde ptassisto1994 $709 145
Deck Infect 9/9/2023 vor einer Stunde Solly $368 100
Deck Burn 9/9/23 vor einer Stunde Solly $263 51
Deck Green Devotion vor einer Stunde Sombrerobrille $686 196
Deck Mono G Devotion vor einer Stunde KissMySnorlax $395 170
Deck black sacrifice priest modern vor einer Stunde wiskeystar $35 157
Deck Dimir Scam vor einer Stunde Force_of_Phil $819 7
Deck Copy of: Quillspike vor 2 Stunden LordTobus $52 7
Deck CatCo vor 2 Stunden KissMySnorlax $242 112
Deck Insidious Roots vor 2 Stunden Gaano2 3 $179 186
Deck BW Martyr Grace vor 2 Stunden KissMySnorlax $288 293
Deck Descended Shadow vor 2 Stunden Gaano2 1 $384 45
Deck Merjojos vor 3 Stunden Kerpimon2 $128 41
Deck Elvish Scry vor 3 Stunden Laurenz $236 10
Deck Satoru Humans vor 4 Stunden PlueschLing $388 3
Deck Boros Convoke (Modern) vor 4 Stunden TheHighstone $420 51
Deck segnalini umani vor 4 Stunden biondo89 $235 45
Deck Untitled Deck vor 5 Stunden The_Dumpster_Fire $1,043 54
Deck ring construct vor 5 Stunden Jean-Georges $617 17

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