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About Modern

Modern was initially designed as a format where people could use their cards that had just rotated out of Standard. Modern's card pool includes all cards that were legal in Standard since Mirrodin and 8th Edition, as well as Modern Horizons.

Decks de Modern

Nome do Deck Última atualização Por Curtidas Preço Visualizações
Deck Bant Spirit 42 minutos atrás GruenerKoala $882 94
Deck Poison deck uma hora atrás rwallmark $44 16
Deck Doran Likes to Reverse the Physics - Abzan Aggro uma hora atrás m9xx41110 $47 11
Deck Crocs uma hora atrás CPaladin $397 14
Deck Death and Taxes uma hora atrás AnaDisciple $202 172
Deck UBR Shadow uma hora atrás Sweetblues $952 206
Deck boros knights 2 horas atrás ironpile $30 85
Deck Green Machine 3 horas atrás rodginez $67 27
Deck Impact Tokens 3 horas atrás JewcyJay $18 45
Deck Temur Delver 3 horas atrás wesley23 $861 12
Deck Pyromantic Visions 4 horas atrás VaporD4 $150 55
Deck Rakdos Suffer 4 horas atrás Rukkur $830 29
Deck Heliod Company 4 horas atrás fernandonato $843 10
Deck Copy of: Monogreen lands 4 horas atrás Cerian89 $545 19
Deck Grixis Death's Shadow 4 horas atrás Alter Miro $288 17
Deck RW prison 4 horas atrás keostyriaru $372 41
Deck BUG Midrange 4 horas atrás bonna7 7 $1,378 4,343
Deck Humans 5 horas atrás DIYsynergy $212 51
Deck Deck Avacyn finally 5 horas atrás soldado94 $183 51
Deck Lantern Control 5 horas atrás mtgfan199 $393 188


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