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About Modern

Modern was initially designed as a format where people could use their cards that had just rotated out of Standard. Modern's card pool includes all cards that were legal in Standard since Mirrodin and 8th Edition, as well as Modern Horizons.

Nome do Deck Última atualização Por Curtidas Preço Visualizações
Deck Lich's Devotion 10 minutos atrás Normal_Knight $27 13
Deck Golgari Sarulf/Obliterator 11 minutos atrás Matteomanodikrosa $441 290
Deck Bounce 12 minutos atrás Cycobeast $699 5
Deck modern planten deck Ivan 15 minutos atrás Hoeken $140 53
Deck Delirium segundos atrás turkey dragon $120 5
Deck GOBLIN GANG TREMORS 5 minutos atrás FrancescoRONIN $87 14
Deck Creeping Death 30 minutos atrás Curstdragon 3 $155 985
Deck Budget Unblockable Infect 35 minutos atrás Curstdragon $45 326
Deck jund shadow 41 minutos atrás wigglediggledoo $784 74
Deck Brent Elves 42 minutos atrás Zygomaniac $93 20
Deck Cart 44 minutos atrás Jbarryt $301 131
Deck Test Loam 48 minutos atrás ArcanisYT $269 10
Deck Bad Touch 59 minutos atrás soulrot $32 350
Deck zombies semi-budget v 3.0 uma hora atrás tricron 1 $287 945
Deck Prowess abuse uma hora atrás Curstdragon $68 30
Deck Rogue 2.0 uma hora atrás Chop Chop $688 20
Deck UwU control uma hora atrás bluemagemikey $394 21
Deck Chromatic Combo uma hora atrás mtg_kid967 1 $176 231
Deck Nothing but burn uma hora atrás Curstdragon 1 $81 354
Deck Legends Born Here 3 minutos atrás CrispyGuy $117 6


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