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Decks de Modern

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About Modern

Modern was initially designed as a format where people could use their cards that had just rotated out of Standard. Modern's card pool includes all cards that were legal in Standard since Mirrodin and 8th Edition, as well as Modern Horizons.

Nome do Deck Última atualização Por Curtidas Preço Visualizações
Deck Esper mill and reanimate me 12 minutos atrás poeterpan $809 75
Deck Into the Skies and Beyond (Izzet Murktide) 17 minutos atrás ST0NEHE4RT $1,098 216
Deck tourny 25 minutos atrás thewolfcore $718 53
Deck Multicolor 42 minutos atrás Monokel36 $56 107
Deck Lutri Esper 52 minutos atrás Asylfan $470 18
Deck Singleton 55 minutos atrás pooders8 $1,102 15
Deck UW Control uma hora atrás rvpasap 3 $779 225
Deck Mono Black Aggro uma hora atrás monkydonky1 $487 21
Deck Modern Kithkin uma hora atrás PearlzB4Swine $24 47
Deck Mardu Sundial 3 horas atrás thewolfcore $999 21
Deck Alesha Cemetery 3 horas atrás Squeezy $112 25
Deck GFR Modern 3 horas atrás Canuhk $86 9
Deck Incinerator Burn 4 horas atrás HandsVandy18 $195 36
Deck Revolt Whack 4 horas atrás Boideux $695 265
Deck Goblins 4 horas atrás FawksTales $90 35
Deck MG Ramp/Creatures 5 horas atrás Aero $19 22
Deck Naya Saga 5 horas atrás Stinkepete $1,184 22
Deck remastered 5 horas atrás budderchicken2 $180 16
Deck New Living End 5 horas atrás Schrec20 $861 15
Deck Ally Wierd Deck 5 horas atrás P.K. Approved3 $6 20

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