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About Modern

Modern was initially designed as a format where people could use their cards that had just rotated out of Standard. Modern's card pool includes all cards that were legal in Standard since Mirrodin and 8th Edition, as well as Modern Horizons.

Nombre del mazo Última actualización Por Me Gusta Precio Vistas
Deck izzet phoenix Hace 2 minutos tonileal44 $231 1
Deck Angry Elementals (Budget) Hace 3 minutos poeterpan $178 239
Deck Bant Coco Hace 2 minutos TenjouUtena $877 18
Deck RU Aggro/Wizard Hace 6 minutos Zygomaniac $10 24
Deck Post-Sanctuary Faerie/Ninjas Hace 8 minutos Borachon $546 3
Deck Modern - WB Taxes Hace 14 minutos fabudl $489 40
Deck modren heliod Hace 16 minutos ripbc04 $764 17
Deck Jundafari Hace 18 minutos Thyrunor 2 $329 289
Deck Abzan Budget Hace 18 minutos AAA1337 $215 13
Deck U/W Control Hace 21 minutos Grao6200 $795 16
Deck Stoneshark Hace 22 minutos Grao6200 $1,063 345
Deck Blood Moon Tempo Hace 24 minutos artax78 $128 18
Deck Untitled Deck Hace 30 minutos Carro $281 39
Deck modern mill deck Ivan Hace 38 minutos Hoeken 1 $902 90
Deck Tron Hace 47 minutos leilen15 $416 9
Deck Mono U tron budget Hace 55 minutos bobbybob28 $159 19
Deck temur tempo Hace 58 minutos mart $728 46
Deck MongoVerde hace una hora ZinZin $278 40
Deck Jund Death's Shadow hace una hora TheInnerEye 1 $757 557
Deck Dimir Mill Control hace una hora ekans_ 4 $420 1,299


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