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Commander Deck Reviews / Odds
« am: März 30, 2024, 08:18:14 Nachmittag »

Deck Reviews / Re: [Duel Commander] Zirilan
« am: März 10, 2024, 03:02:28 Nachmittag »
I don't play Duel Commander, so I have no idea how a normal EDH deck will play out in that format

I've only played Duel a handful of times so far.  My LGS runs a Duel tournament once a month.  With prize support. 

Duel plays a lot like cEDH, except that all the fast mana is banned.  Very incremental mana advantage has proven to be very effective for me.  Lotus Petal was The Bomb before it was banned a few months ago.

The early turns are very important when you only have one opponent.

You have given a lot of advice for someone who admitted they have no idea how Duel plays out.  Many of the cards you suggested are banned in the format, like Ancient Tomb and Mana Vault.

Card evaluation is much different in a 1v1 format.  Much like card evaluation differs a lot between Standard and multiplayer Commander.  1v1 is not quite as solved a multi-player.  Winds of Change and other wheels are horrible in 1v1.  You never want to give your opponent more cards.  All of them will get used against you.

I admit that many of the cards I am trying out to see how well they work in Duel.  Like Curse of Opulence.  It is only one mana; and I plan to attack.

I don't need many sac outlets of Anger to be useful.  Discard is a very common tactic in duel.  Much more useful than in multi-player.

Direct damage is much more useful in Duel too, as the starting life total is 20.

With all due respect Crimsonking, please save your lengthy bullet-pointed advice for a format you have some knowledge about.

Deck Reviews / [Duel Commander] Zirilan
« am: März 10, 2024, 04:52:18 Vormittag »

Commander Discussion / Re: Removing Enchantments
« am: März 07, 2024, 03:46:30 Nachmittag »
All the newer enchantment creatures would have made me think twice, but all the best ones are gods with indesctructable so now I need an enchantment exiler…

Farewell  :-X

Commander Deck Reviews / Re: Wolven
« am: März 01, 2024, 02:04:08 Vormittag »
No Maskwood Nexus?

Got another deck I'm working on that will get my Maskwood Nexus.

I feel like Voja will be able to go nuts without it.

Commander Deck Reviews / Wolven
« am: März 01, 2024, 01:49:39 Vormittag »

Commander Discussion / Re: Your Go-To Lands
« am: Februar 07, 2024, 03:51:38 Vormittag »
The trick is just convincing someone at WotC to actually put these in decks over the Temples.

I'm quite ok with surveil lands IN ADDITION to scry lands.   ;)

Commander Discussion / Re: Your Go-To Lands
« am: Februar 07, 2024, 12:22:32 Vormittag »
Depending on how much the new surveil lands (Commercial District, etc) get reprinted I may start putting them in like the Temples

The new surveil lands are definitely better than the scry lands in 90%+ of decks.

I'm hoping these get reprinted into oblivion, just like the scry lands have been.

Commander Discussion / Re: Banlist Justifications
« am: Februar 01, 2024, 06:42:50 Nachmittag »
Very interesting.  With card expense now being an official reason for card bannings (it has long been an unofficial reason), I feel like the Rules Committee needs to go through all the expensive cards, like Gaea's Cradle, and justify why they are NOT on the banlist.

General Magic / Re: Opinion on Murders at Karlov Manor setting
« am: Januar 30, 2024, 01:33:29 Nachmittag »

The sudden shift in fashion for everyone does leave it feeling like the cards should've been from Capenna.

I heard somewhere that much of the art is unused pieces originally meant for the Capenna set.

Commander Deck Reviews / Re: Judith Boardwipes
« am: Januar 18, 2024, 11:07:29 Nachmittag »
I, too, am intrigued by this commander.

No Blasphemous Act?  Would generate quite the life swing.  Maybe buy you a turn.

Call Forth the Tempest out of your Maybeboard can generate quite an explosive turn. 

Maybe Chimil, the Inner Sun for some repeating Discover along plus making your spells uncounterable.

Trumpeting Carnosaur might fit in this deck?

General Magic / Re: Games you've enjoyed
« am: Januar 17, 2024, 10:22:51 Nachmittag »
Turn 1: Sol Ring.
Turn 2: Smothering Tithe.
Turn 3: Felidar Sovereign.
Turn 4: Win.

So that was lucky.

After that, did all of your opponents vow to pay for your Smothering Tithe forever more?

General Magic / Re: Avengul lich ability
« am: Januar 14, 2024, 03:53:06 Nachmittag »
Activated abilities are written in the format {cost}:{effect}.  (The ability on Havengul Lich is an activated ability.)

These are the only types abilities that Havengul Lich gains.

Italicized words, like Lieutenant, are merely there for flavor.  They have no bearing on whether it is an activated ability, a triggered ability, or a static ability.

EDIT:  a quick search shows that of all the cards printed with the Lieutenant flavor word, NONE have activated abilities.

Commander Deck Reviews / Xerox {Deck originated by The Professor}
« am: Januar 07, 2024, 06:14:30 Nachmittag »

Commander Discussion / Re: Your Go-To Lands
« am: Dezember 29, 2023, 04:22:36 Vormittag »
I only put my OG duals and shocks into intentionally high-powered decks these days.  Same with the fetches.

I have become quite the fan of Filter lands.  (NOT the ones from Odyssey block).
I use the Hunt lands frequently too (Deserted Beach)
And pain lands.

Tainted lands if I'm in black.

I like the Temples for decks that lack card draw and/or want a little more top-deck manipulation.

I only like the Pathways in two-color decks.  Once they hit the field, they only tap for a single color.

I was initially on the Triome bandwagon.  I have started to cool.  I have never paid 3 to cycle one.  The only advantage is that they are fetchable.  Since I don't run my fetches in most casual decks, then I have to have something like Three Visits that specifically calls out a land type to be fetchable.  And then I get essentiall a tapped Command Tower.  In a deck that doesn't have those, it's the same as the original tri-lands.

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