Magic Deck Statistics
WUBGuzzgore created a new deck: Necropotence Deck
2 minutes ago · Vintage
WUMindersh created a new deck: Noyan Dar EDH
3 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
4 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
4 minutes ago · Standard
Phynn created a new deck: WIP (Custom Commander) (WIP)
5 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
9 minutes ago · Standard
UGashpoop1 created a new deck: Kruphix Krazy
15 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
16 minutes ago
17 minutes ago · Standard
avilcan liked the deck Rhino Zoo
18 minutes ago · Modern
23 minutes ago
Gcorydm92 created a new deck: Legacy Elves Proxy (WIP)
24 minutes ago
26 minutes ago · Modern
RKalabanga created a new deck: zada
27 minutes ago
UBGJack88 created a new deck: Untitled Deck
31 minutes ago
RWanted14 created a new deck: Zada Goblin (WIP)
38 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
URDartH created a new deck: UR Ramp Control
45 minutes ago · Standard
WBRGGriffGriff created a new deck: Nahiri's End
47 minutes ago · Modern
BNessor created a new deck: Assassin Chaos
48 minutes ago
URkfshradio created a new deck: Eldrazi Thopters
52 minutes ago · Standard
wipiid commented on the deck Wipiid - Swamp Deck
54 minutes ago · "I played when i was back in highschool a bit.&n..."
56 minutes ago · Standard
GKdavi008 created a new deck: Untitled Deck
56 minutes ago · Modern
UBwipiid created a new deck: Wipiid - Swamp Deck
an hour ago · Casual
an hour ago
an hour ago · EDH / Commander
WUBRGmamaluko1234 created a new deck: Domain Zoo
an hour ago · Pauper
an hour ago · EDH / Commander
KameeNook commented on the deck 107.2 Stormchasers
an hour ago · "What this deck needs is a diametrically opposin..."
an hour ago
an hour ago
WUBRGWanted14 created a new deck: Sliver
an hour ago · EDH / Commander
an hour ago · EDH / Commander

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