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a minute ago · ""
2 minutes ago · "very good deck! indeed, poor friends :'("
WURPhearbot created a new deck: Jeskai Prowess (WIP)
5 minutes ago · Standard
WUsharewman created a new deck: have it back
6 minutes ago
WUBJovans created a new deck: Esper Mid
12 minutes ago · Modern
12 minutes ago · "nice deck.. you might consider Isolated Chapel ..."
RGChirox created a new deck: Werewolf
13 minutes ago · Modern
WBGottones created a new deck: melira combo forfun
14 minutes ago · Modern
WUGnight4ngel2 created a new deck: Awaken Lands
15 minutes ago · Standard
WRGHakoda created a new deck: Samurai
16 minutes ago · Modern
WUBRGhypn0tyk created a new deck: Guaymonstery
17 minutes ago · Cube
18 minutes ago · Modern
Wmurilo_mardu created a new deck: Soldados
18 minutes ago · Modern
WMero created a new deck: Kuni (WIP)
21 minutes ago · Modern
23 minutes ago · Modern
BRJace666 created a new deck: B/R Eldrazi
24 minutes ago · Standard
24 minutes ago · Casual
MatterX liked the deck UR Prowess
26 minutes ago · Modern
27 minutes ago · Standard
27 minutes ago
RJoshPillar created a new deck: HORDEEEEEEE (WIP)
28 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
RJoshPillar created a new deck: HORDEEEEEEE (WIP)
28 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
30 minutes ago · Standard
Bartley commented on the deck Dash to Victory
32 minutes ago · ""
34 minutes ago · Modern
WUBJazor created a new deck: Sen Triplets (WIP)
34 minutes ago
34 minutes ago · Modern
Chessp liked the deck Hayani's First Deck (WIP)
36 minutes ago · Casual
Chessp commented on the deck Hayani's First Deck (WIP)
36 minutes ago · "This confuses me a little bit. Try to figure ou..."
37 minutes ago
Jan Senf commented on the deck Ex-Machina BURNTron (WIP)
39 minutes ago · "why Darksteel Gargoyle ?? isnt that a bit expen..."

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