Magic Deck Statistics
samueldc created a new deck: Infect turn 2 win
10 minutes ago
Manakreisel created a new deck: Phage the Untouchable (WIP)
17 minutes ago · Casual
17 minutes ago · Modern
CRV created a new deck: Slivers
21 minutes ago · Legacy
Akkis created a new deck: Akkis Mid Mardu
23 minutes ago · Standard
Freddy78 created a new deck: Spellheart
24 minutes ago · Modern
Lex149 created a new deck: Mono white devotion (origins) (WIP)
27 minutes ago · Standard
lamoroso92 created a new deck: U/W Heroic T2 (WIP)
31 minutes ago
CRV created a new deck: Wizards
33 minutes ago · Legacy
AX92 liked the deck Torture Chamber
38 minutes ago · Modern
44 minutes ago
44 minutes ago · Modern
48 minutes ago · Standard
Sweorge created a new deck: Tiny Walls (WIP)
49 minutes ago
49 minutes ago · Standard
icarboh created a new deck: W/G heroic
50 minutes ago · Standard
Zanathos created a new deck: WUB Mill Control
51 minutes ago · Modern
Christatstrophe created a new deck: G/B Infect deck (WIP)
52 minutes ago
60 minutes ago · Modern
conaudifonos_ created a new deck: Affinity
Today, 18:00:33
skibbs created a new deck: Kithkin (WIP)
Today, 17:50:44
Meh created a new deck: Werewolves!
Today, 17:44:47
Akhlys created a new deck: Rakdos Deck for (The Doctor) (WIP)
Today, 17:43:14
Today, 17:42:24
Today, 17:40:28 · Standard
Today, 17:32:47 · Standard
Gears created a new deck: Bant Hatebears (WIP)
Today, 17:30:12 · Modern
Today, 17:29:08
Today, 17:29:01 · Legacy
AleRusconi created a new deck: U/R aggro Pauper
Today, 17:27:44 · Pauper
dunkk created a new deck: Irgndwasmittoken
Today, 17:20:07
shadowhunter created a new deck: Discard
Today, 17:16:12 · Modern
Today, 17:08:38
George B created a new deck: Pure white
Today, 17:08:11 · Legacy

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