Magic Deck Statistics
5 minutes ago
LoLMadnesS created a new deck: Boss sligh (Khans)
6 minutes ago · Standard
Avedon created a new deck: KTK Abzan Warriors (WIP)
6 minutes ago · Standard
11 minutes ago · Modern
15 minutes ago · Modern
Equix created a new deck: infect
18 minutes ago
BunteSmaties created a new deck: Filthy Counters (WIP)
18 minutes ago · Casual
ajani re-born liked the deck Vamps
33 minutes ago · Modern
magma7007 liked the deck Iroas
34 minutes ago
tranos created a new deck: infect pauper
35 minutes ago
spilluminati created a new deck: BW Non-Warrior Aggro (WIP)
37 minutes ago · Standard
wulfsige created a new deck: ste culo (WIP)
44 minutes ago
Pimpek created a new deck: Temur Jaksieniema (WIP)
46 minutes ago
pktgen created a new deck: Mardu (WIP)
52 minutes ago
52 minutes ago
veivs created a new deck: Shock Lands
60 minutes ago
pakman created a new deck: sultai control (WIP)
Today, 15:19:57 · Standard
Today, 15:14:46 · Modern
Axor12 created a new deck: Zombie Discard
Today, 15:11:27 · Modern
Volcordemi created a new deck: Sultai Reanimator
Today, 15:09:44
Today, 14:53:52 · "The infinite mana doesn't work. The pili i..."
Today, 14:52:37
DreamD91 created a new deck: --Orb-- (WIP)
Today, 14:48:39
mattflorence created a new deck: Untitled Deck (WIP)
Today, 14:47:18
luke1million created a new deck: Green Stompy
Today, 14:43:57 · Modern
Today, 14:38:20 · Standard
calsidle created a new deck: Kavu Tribal
Today, 14:37:21 · Legacy
luke1million created a new deck: Merfolk (WIP)
Today, 14:35:14 · Legacy
Today, 14:33:30

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