Magic Deck Statistics
spanko created a new deck: Unblockable Infect
1 minutes ago · Modern
cirrus707 created a new deck: BUG Control
1 minutes ago · Standard
Josco created a new deck: commander2 (WIP)
1 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
5 minutes ago · Modern
Shoranos created a new deck: Jace's New Reality
5 minutes ago
Zasper created a new deck: br linear aggro
9 minutes ago · Modern
PHL created a new deck: GR Devotion
16 minutes ago · Standard
Shoranos created a new deck: Tibalt's Games
21 minutes ago
23 minutes ago · Modern
25 minutes ago · Standard
mattador_actual created a new deck: Hydras and others (WIP)
28 minutes ago
29 minutes ago · Modern
JasonScoutHS created a new deck: Mono Red Control
34 minutes ago · Modern
38 minutes ago · Modern
CJB created a new deck: Naya Dragons
40 minutes ago · Standard
scioli39 created a new deck: white black infect
51 minutes ago
JasonScoutHS created a new deck: Mono White Cats
53 minutes ago · Modern
mayronxp created a new deck: Dragão
55 minutes ago · Legacy
katsdragons72 created a new deck: Wrath of Ugin
Today, 02:36:39
TiagoLuisX created a new deck: BLACK DECK
Today, 02:35:31
Avatar_Insane created a new deck: Artifacts
Today, 02:33:34
Today, 02:22:45
Today, 02:15:22 · Legacy
Ravern created a new deck: MonoWhite Humans and Angels (WIP)
Today, 02:07:42
klininger created a new deck: Mana Ramp/Fight
Today, 02:05:45
Today, 02:01:11
Today, 01:55:17
Daxp liked the deck Boros Heroic Aggro (WIP)
Today, 01:46:52 · Standard
Daxp liked the deck life gain
Today, 01:42:34 · Standard

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