Magic Deck Statistics
SpecialK created a new deck: UW Midrange Control
2 minutes ago
Deedlebag created a new deck: G/W Modern Tokens
3 minutes ago · Modern
downwinds created a new deck: Golgari Necromancy (WIP)
10 minutes ago · Standard
mrfigglesworth created a new deck: in progress (WIP)
18 minutes ago
Rowan created a new deck: Cat CoC3 (WIP)
23 minutes ago
kalok1999 created a new deck: Jund
24 minutes ago · Modern
Overlord99 created a new deck: Untitled Deck (WIP)
25 minutes ago
ixobelle created a new deck: mono black EDH start (WIP)
29 minutes ago
marceloids created a new deck: OBJETIVO (WIP)
34 minutes ago · Modern
36 minutes ago
Kotge91 created a new deck: UR Delver Vines
36 minutes ago · Modern
evlmrfear created a new deck: Pain lands
39 minutes ago
mtg-hans commented on the deck Such a strange deck
39 minutes ago · "I'll build this for next Friday!"
Glorg created a new deck: Untitled Deck
43 minutes ago
45 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
47 minutes ago · Pauper
47 minutes ago · Pauper
mdprier created a new deck: Goblin Commander
48 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
50 minutes ago · Pauper
kalimir liked the deck Growing Bane
50 minutes ago · Standard
50 minutes ago
mdprier created a new deck: Elf Commander
52 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
52 minutes ago
Ethanfireb commented on the deck GR fun police
57 minutes ago · "Evil. I love it."
evlmrfear created a new deck: Dragons
Today, 19:26:17
kazuya created a new deck: Este (WIP)
Today, 19:26:00 · Modern
Today, 19:24:43 · Standard
Today, 19:24:26
Deraty created a new deck: Crankmantle
Today, 19:24:05 · Modern
Gabi created a new deck: Elves command the world
Today, 19:21:49 · EDH / Commander Build and analyze your Magic deck!

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