Magic Deck Statistics
BRskrullman created a new deck: Vampiros
3 minutes ago · Modern
4 minutes ago
WBlueHellboy94 created a new deck: Untitled Deck (WIP)
9 minutes ago
BGHanyuu created a new deck: Untitled Deck
11 minutes ago
WUBRGgsus02 created a new deck: spells slivers (WIP)
12 minutes ago
UBRTdSJimmy created a new deck: Budget Storm (WIP)
12 minutes ago · Casual
WBRmeowthod created a new deck: MARDU LORDOFTHEGAME
14 minutes ago · Modern
WRGLofwyr created a new deck: ugins painter
15 minutes ago · Modern
WGdroser created a new deck: Mono G
16 minutes ago · Modern
18 minutes ago
WRGkellynch created a new deck: Nayan Ajani (WIP)
19 minutes ago · Modern
UBcountxave created a new deck: Surgical Extraction
27 minutes ago · Modern
WURGilcorre created a new deck: Jeskai G Burn
29 minutes ago · Modern
30 minutes ago
Bartley commented on the deck Mono-White Soldier (WIP)
31 minutes ago · "can't do mono white with out the most op w..."
BGdroser created a new deck: Elves
34 minutes ago · Modern
WRFencing Dante created a new deck: boros rally ally (WIP)
43 minutes ago · Standard
WUBGDartH created a new deck: 4C Dragons
45 minutes ago · Standard
BRGdvendi96 created a new deck: rbg (WIP)
46 minutes ago
WUBRGKUJAzack created a new deck: Penta Planeswalker (WIP)
49 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
53 minutes ago
WUBRHeReSY created a new deck: EDH Multi 2.0 (WIP)
55 minutes ago · Highlander
Mujenkai commented on the deck Mono-White Soldier (WIP)
58 minutes ago · "I thought about adding secure the wastes, howev..."
WURInfectedd1604 created a new deck: Jeskai Twin
58 minutes ago
UAppleTitan4 created a new deck: BSA casual
an hour ago · Casual
an hour ago · Standard
novayhulk14 liked the deck Eldrazi awakening (WIP)
an hour ago · Modern
an hour ago · Modern
an hour ago · Casual

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