Magic Deck Statistics
Skullcmk created a new deck: Naya Allies
1 minutes ago · Modern
Mogwai created a new deck: 23 power Swiftcheese (WIP)
3 minutes ago
Zimmy created a new deck: G/W (WIP)
9 minutes ago
mazanostra created a new deck: Chainer Mono Black EDH (WIP)
13 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
Pallino92 created a new deck: gw aura
16 minutes ago · Modern
Laf67 created a new deck: Adams Grixis Tempo
24 minutes ago · Modern
Storm Echo created a new deck: Possible Green (WIP)
32 minutes ago
squirrelmaster1 created a new deck: blackagro
43 minutes ago
D1EF1RMA created a new deck: Abzan Midrange
48 minutes ago · Standard
51 minutes ago · Casual
D1EF1RMA created a new deck: Abzan Dredge
52 minutes ago · Standard
ArtisOracle created a new deck: Black White Deck (WIP)
56 minutes ago
PacmanKid created a new deck: UWRControl
56 minutes ago · Modern
PapaFango created a new deck: Captain Sisay
57 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
jon_cli created a new deck: Jeskai Tempo
Today, 17:14:38
jon_cli created a new deck: Jeskai Tempo
Today, 17:14:37
mrstealyogurl created a new deck: Dicktouch (WIP)
Today, 17:08:29
Storm Echo created a new deck: Possible white (WIP)
Today, 17:07:26
DaBase created a new deck: Rwgb_Burn
Today, 17:04:31 · Modern
Stock commented on the deck Outlast
Today, 16:57:21 · "No, sorry, it's modern :)"
JBeleren created a new deck: Naya-Midrange
Today, 16:55:41 · Standard
Sime created a new deck: Adzan Aggro
Today, 16:55:34
Stock created a new deck: U/W Aura
Today, 16:43:15 · Modern
Today, 16:42:21 · "Swords to Plowshares*"
Jazor created a new deck: UWR Geist
Today, 16:30:01
zyhark commented on the deck Outlast
Today, 16:27:14 · "Ajani, Caller of the Pride isnt in STD anymore"
NickSOAD created a new deck: Ramp
Today, 16:14:00

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