Magic Deck Statistics
cuddycat created a new deck: Cheapish Esper Dragon (WIP)
7 minutes ago · Standard
Boon created a new deck: Borosian Commander Deck
9 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
Bamfro created a new deck: Jund Exper (WIP)
9 minutes ago
Luno_2015 created a new deck: Eldrazi (WIP)
16 minutes ago
olmi91 created a new deck: bizzarrie
21 minutes ago
Will-C created a new deck: Post Rotation Kytheon (WIP)
25 minutes ago · Standard
kannook2002 created a new deck: Duel Rouge-Noir
26 minutes ago · Legacy
30 minutes ago · Modern
brtrahms created a new deck: temur dragon (WIP)
32 minutes ago
Patrulla created a new deck: Karametra, Big Buddies (WIP)
33 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
krb26 created a new deck: Dragons
42 minutes ago
SeteBoss created a new deck: U\W Heroic (WIP)
48 minutes ago · Pauper
Blees created a new deck: Better Wizards Bureau
50 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
swheel created a new deck: Abzan Enchantments
51 minutes ago
Ketchupgeek created a new deck: Krenko
58 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
60 minutes ago · Standard
qlfour created a new deck: Mono Black Devotion
Today, 03:24:12 · Modern
Scorpio created a new deck: Liliana's Mill (WIP)
Today, 03:12:56
Today, 02:59:15 · EDH / Commander
Myderwyk created a new deck: Mono red burn
Today, 02:53:45 · Casual
paulsjeff created a new deck: Zombies
Today, 02:52:50 · Casual
Today, 02:52:28 · EDH / Commander
Blees created a new deck: The Combo Deck
Today, 02:45:24 · EDH / Commander
Boon created a new deck: Orzhov...?
Today, 02:41:21 · Casual
Today, 02:30:14 · EDH / Commander
Scorpio wrote the post Liftlink G/W/B
Today, 02:24:26
PFCGrimm created a new deck: Derevi V2 (WIP)
Today, 02:22:31

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