Magic Deck Statistics
phsenus created a new deck: rush of knowledge (WIP)
0 minutes ago
REDX25191 created a new deck: destruction deck
4 minutes ago
Franpi created a new deck: Bant Pod (WIP)
15 minutes ago · Modern
jpddos created a new deck: Goblin Mono Red (WIP)
21 minutes ago
HolyBird2000 created a new deck: EDH Ideas (WIP)
43 minutes ago
49 minutes ago
53 minutes ago · Modern
zaperin created a new deck: Mardu Midrange
54 minutes ago
falconblade123 created a new deck: Horde Deck
Today, 01:32:10
Maniac-Eye created a new deck: Mono R
Today, 01:28:38
Warden of Silence created a new deck: The WB 60 presents (WIP)
Today, 01:23:31 · Modern
Today, 01:22:48 · Legacy
Today, 01:07:13 · Legacy
Today, 01:06:37 · Standard
The_Pokiero created a new deck: Poki Poki's big green. (WIP)
Today, 01:00:38 · Modern
RodrigoCM94 created a new deck: UWR Control (WIP)
Today, 01:00:19
falconblade123 created a new deck: Assassin Deck
Today, 01:00:02
Today, 00:59:05
Siskiune created a new deck: Assassins new
Today, 00:53:06
Dvsmaster commented on the deck The Merfolk are Coming
Today, 00:51:30 · "hi. really nice deck and a great budget to boot..."
Today, 00:50:46 · Casual
macs740923 created a new deck: RDW Boros Blasphemy (WIP)
Today, 00:46:51 · Modern
Franpi liked the deck Bam, Turn!
Today, 00:38:39 · Standard
Today, 00:25:52 · EDH / Commander
Today, 00:25:23
noruman created a new deck: Terminator (WIP)
Today, 00:18:07
Today, 00:13:55
PseudoPRO created a new deck: W Camp
Today, 00:13:51 · Standard
zinakoleg created a new deck: Warrior Elves (WIP)
Today, 00:10:49 · Modern
October 24, 2014, 11:54:12 PM
pbtenchi created a new deck: 5 colour incomplete (WIP)
October 24, 2014, 11:53:40 PM

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