Magic Deck Statistics
Matteus created a new deck: Mijn multiplayercontrol (WIP)
15 minutes ago · Highlander
kandranos created a new deck: Mono Green
15 minutes ago
18 minutes ago
dukester created a new deck: red control
30 minutes ago
ddraigyong88 created a new deck: My First Golgari (WIP)
39 minutes ago
og.wiz created a new deck: sultai delve version 2
Today, 06:39:43
exsoldier2012 created a new deck: Abzan B/G/W (WIP)
Today, 06:34:32
Today, 06:11:35
andreidacas created a new deck: Naya aura MCM
Today, 06:09:40
ghostyprawn created a new deck: BUG Mill
Today, 06:08:43
l00ke00 created a new deck: Mardu high pressure
Today, 06:08:30
Today, 05:54:43 · EDH / Commander
Today, 05:50:51 · EDH / Commander
exsoldier2012 created a new deck: Abzan B/G/W
Today, 05:42:09
ryanlogan created a new deck: mono blue devotion modern (WIP)
Today, 05:31:25
hygoonia created a new deck: Azorius Angel
Today, 05:21:25 · Modern
exsoldier2012 commented on the deck Abzan B/G/W
Today, 05:20:34 · "If anyone has any helpful advice to make this d..."
Today, 04:54:02 · EDH / Commander
Tosamu created a new deck: Kiki Jiki EDH (WIP)
Today, 04:51:31 · EDH / Commander
undue created a new deck: modern burn (WIP)
Today, 04:46:14 · Modern
Jazon liked the deck Izzet Artifacts
Today, 04:38:09 · Standard
Today, 04:37:58 · "Or For brainstorm !!!! :)"
mfitzmaurice created a new deck: Black Meanie
Today, 04:27:58
Popple created a new deck: I GAVE UP
Today, 04:25:01
Today, 04:11:01
Vokoru created a new deck: Anafenza - Unbreakable
Today, 04:09:11 · EDH / Commander
eviscerations created a new deck: u/b discard mill (WIP)
Today, 04:04:55
Today, 03:59:54 · Standard

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