Magic Deck Statistics
Daichi created a new deck: SWORN TO DARKNESS
3 minutes ago
Daichi created a new deck: PEER THROUGH TIME
4 minutes ago
Daichi created a new deck: FORGED IN STONE
6 minutes ago
Daichi created a new deck: BUILT FROM SCRATCH
8 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
Exay created a new deck: Vorel budget
20 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
TheKingofSprings created a new deck: Jeskai Tempo
32 minutes ago
Littlezombi created a new deck: Forge into Stone
47 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
corbeau created a new deck: The Birds (WIP)
48 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
assctba created a new deck: Mardu Control (WIP)
51 minutes ago · Standard
REDX25191 created a new deck: defender mill
Today, 20:30:59
Sir Majestic created a new deck: U/B control (WIP)
Today, 20:30:15
ArthurEld created a new deck: Braving the Elements (WIP)
Today, 20:28:53
OMGFisticuffs created a new deck: 1st Mardu Aggro (WIP)
Today, 20:03:05 · Standard
Today, 20:01:46 · EDH / Commander
dagam liked the deck Mono Bianco
Today, 19:59:51
Today, 19:47:24
sazalamel2 created a new deck: Tumor peta tierras
Today, 19:41:19
WhiteCamelMan created a new deck: Jeskai FNM
Today, 19:33:51 · Standard
zartoz created a new deck: RUG
Today, 19:30:06
Ral created a new deck: Narset, The Enlightment EDH (WIP)
Today, 19:22:03
batcice created a new deck: Mono Bianco
Today, 19:18:40
Exstasy liked the deck vampiro
Today, 19:18:34 · Modern
Yawgm0th created a new deck: Mana Accel. White Weenie (WIP)
Today, 19:15:52 · Legacy
Today, 19:14:10 · Standard
Glorg created a new deck: Narset (WIP)
Today, 19:13:33 · EDH / Commander
cahfreitas created a new deck: EDH Oona (Tombar)
Today, 19:09:41
MaWu created a new deck: Standard Mardu Midrange
Today, 19:00:56 · Standard
MadMadi created a new deck: Life Eternal
Today, 18:45:40 · Modern
drunkcynic wrote the post Re: green beef
Today, 18:38:49
Today, 18:37:59
wolfdrakon wrote the post green beef
Today, 18:36:26
wolfdrakon created a new deck: green beef (WIP)
Today, 18:35:48

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