Magic Deck Statistics
3 minutes ago · Modern
WBVegabond635 created a new deck: Orzhov Drain (WIP)
6 minutes ago · Standard
9 minutes ago
12 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
cisko liked the deck Belcher (WIP)
14 minutes ago · Modern
16 minutes ago
17 minutes ago · Modern
19 minutes ago · Modern
BCapheus created a new deck: maybe (WIP)
20 minutes ago
20 minutes ago · Modern
WUKokokikoi created a new deck: Investigate Mill (WIP)
22 minutes ago · Standard
URClaytonH created a new deck: Mizzix Idealized
23 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
WURUsul created a new deck: UWR Thopter
24 minutes ago · Modern
WRGCaptMcFizzle created a new deck: Seasons: Summer (WIP)
26 minutes ago · Casual
26 minutes ago · Casual
WRGCaptMcFizzle created a new deck: Seasons: Summer (WIP)
26 minutes ago · Casual
BRGrigori200 created a new deck: B/R Control (WIP)
27 minutes ago · Standard
RGcetaceooo created a new deck: Landfall elemental
33 minutes ago · Modern
RGLarryBRO created a new deck: Wolfies (WIP)
36 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
WBladio2882 created a new deck: black burn (WIP)
37 minutes ago
37 minutes ago · Modern
UBRUsul created a new deck: Grixis Midrange
38 minutes ago · Modern
Rmick-red created a new deck: creatures storm
40 minutes ago · Modern
40 minutes ago · Casual
RGdam4rus created a new deck: Landfall R/G aggro (WIP)
41 minutes ago · Standard
43 minutes ago · Legacy
Rmick-red created a new deck: mono red little zoo
43 minutes ago · Modern
WBGpignol23 created a new deck: Mortarpod search (WIP)
43 minutes ago · Modern
46 minutes ago · Modern
GCaptMcFizzle created a new deck: Seasons : Spring
47 minutes ago · Casual
48 minutes ago · Modern

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