Magic Deck Statistics
Jpeppa created a new deck: The Final Countdown
a minute ago · Standard
7 minutes ago · Standard
Kazzuya liked the deck Infinit Combo
12 minutes ago · Modern
MagicWG created a new deck: Cascade Pauper EDH (WIP)
14 minutes ago · Casual
15 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
15 minutes ago · Modern
LarryBRO created a new deck: WUG Bounce (WIP)
15 minutes ago · Modern
17 minutes ago · Standard
donmazza created a new deck: kiratiny (WIP)
18 minutes ago · Tiny Leaders
Rio created a new deck: R/G devotion
18 minutes ago · Standard
JvilleBiess created a new deck: Thopter Assault (WIP)
18 minutes ago · Standard
Doublea created a new deck: Starfield enchantment (WIP)
19 minutes ago · Standard
shaythor created a new deck: Mardu Warriors
20 minutes ago · Standard
xXxChris created a new deck: Elves
23 minutes ago · Standard
Alcremmont created a new deck: UR Aggro (WIP)
26 minutes ago · Modern
26 minutes ago · Standard
Aboroth created a new deck: Llanowar Woods
26 minutes ago · Highlander
26 minutes ago · Standard
swagprince created a new deck: counters in progress (WIP)
28 minutes ago
Alcremmont created a new deck: Merfolks (WIP)
29 minutes ago · Modern
drunkcynic commented on the deck ub mill
30 minutes ago · "Dig Through Time doesn't count as Draw."
32 minutes ago · Modern
M0rw47h created a new deck: Cube
34 minutes ago
36 minutes ago · Peasant
albefranks1 created a new deck: Untitled Deck
40 minutes ago
Ungestüm created a new deck: Anafenza Melira Combo (WIP)
41 minutes ago · Casual
Art Of Facts created a new deck: Random Vintage Deck (WIP)
45 minutes ago · Vintage
PhantomShade created a new deck: regen deck (WIP)
48 minutes ago
Dougthewarrior created a new deck: Elves commander (WIP)
49 minutes ago · EDH / Commander

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