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Sometimes called Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH), Commander is a format where you have a legendary creature at the head of your deck (your commander), and the deck is based around this one card. All the cards in the deck must be within the same "color identity" as the commander. The format is also multiplayer as opposed to 1 vs 1, has 40 starting life, and the decks are exactly 100 cards with only one copy of non-basics, making this format radically different from other Magic: the Gathering formats.

EDH / Commander Decks

Name des Decks Letzte Änderung Von Likes Preis Aufrufe
Deck FORCE OF LOYALTY vor 7 Minuten MrKream 1 $274 35
Deck Die Ironie, die uns Tötet / The Irony That Kills Us vor 15 Minuten WitchPHD $629 6
Deck Kaalia of the Vast - EDH Competitive - Hell Heaven vor 19 Minuten TyllanDrake 6 $543 2,612
Deck avacyn, angel of wrath vor 3 Minuten eardar $281 19
Deck BEEP BEEP HYDRA AVATAR COMING THROUGH vor 28 Minuten Taveena $2,684 2
Deck Everybody walk the dinosaur vor 40 Minuten eardar 1 $295 353
Deck Ephara - Flashy Enchantress vor 51 Minuten youngoli $62 7
Deck Edgar Markov vor 56 Minuten nitr0 $613 599
Deck Kess Defensive Slinger vor einer Stunde Dunedain7 $809 122
Deck edgar vampire vor einer Stunde eardar 2 $330 550
Deck Merciless Rage v3.0 vor einer Stunde tdp $100 95
Deck Gishath, Sun's Avatar vor einer Stunde RichyC91 $160 16
Deck Sisay's friends vor einer Stunde eardar $614 324
Deck Inalla wizard vor einer Stunde eardar 1 $286 590
Deck Escape from LA vor einer Stunde EnsignSDcard 1 $239 290
Deck Elemental vor einer Stunde Driittz12 $125 5
Deck Zur Reanimator vor einer Stunde Faultier $509 318
Deck Ooze Combo vor einer Stunde crimsonking 1 $1,023 629
Deck Ertai, the Corrupted: The School Bully vor einer Stunde 2xT $437 270
Deck Yawgmoth, Competitive vor einer Stunde leonixious $325 13


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