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About EDH / Commander

Sometimes called Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH), Commander is a format where you have a legendary creature at the head of your deck (your commander), and the deck is based around this one card. All the cards in the deck must be within the same "color identity" as the commander. The format is also multiplayer as opposed to 1 vs 1, has 40 starting life, and the decks are exactly 100 cards with only one copy of non-basics, making this format radically different from other Magic: the Gathering formats.

Mazos de EDH / Commander

Nombre del mazo Última actualización Por Me Gusta Precio Vistas
Deck UGx Test Hace 14 minutos EDHAcademy $97 10
Deck Mogis Hace 15 minutos D-Swift $52 1
Deck Feather Hace 5 minutos Kipper34 $169 78
Deck She's An Angel Hace 18 minutos LiamMail $207 2
Deck Muldrotha, 6th feet under Hace 18 minutos Damlec $358 11
Deck Copy of: Tuvasa Hace 24 minutos hvonmuhl $205 3
Deck Tuvasa Hace 24 minutos hvonmuhl $205 32
Deck Toshiro Control Hace 28 minutos agermansky $236 2
Deck Sen Triplets Hace 28 minutos MechaRaptor $173 36
Deck Tishana Elf Shenanigans Hace 29 minutos Tacobaco1 $129 3
Deck You May Fire When Ready, Kenrith Hace 35 minutos bknob $516 86
Deck Medomai the Ageless - Flying and draw Hace 5 minutos George B $180 12
Deck Partner Deck Hace 3 minutos Platin0806 $572 5
Deck Bronze Purphoros Hace 41 minutos ChrundletheGreat $168 2
Deck The Scarab God Hace 41 minutos Saerdim $270 16
Deck Jhoira Hace 42 minutos ChrundletheGreat $138 3
Deck Najeela Hace 44 minutos ChrundletheGreat $254 3
Deck Kruphix Haymakers Hace 45 minutos agermansky $479 2
Deck Abzan Aristocrats Hace 47 minutos ubersirpyro $69 4
Deck Jund Forced Combat Hace 47 minutos Lushifiro $116 44


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