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Mazos de EDH / Commander

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About EDH / Commander

Sometimes called Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH), Commander is a format where you have a legendary creature (your commander) at the head of a 100-card deck based around it. All the cards in the deck must have the same "color identity" as the commander and you can only play one copy of each card (except basic lands). The format is also multiplayer as opposed to 1 vs. 1 and you start with 40 life, making this format radically different from other Magic: the Gathering formats.

Nombre del mazo Última actualización Por Me Gusta Precio Vistas
Deck Krav & Regna Deck Hace 4 minutos phoenix1986 $4 2
Deck thaliafroggy Hace 3 minutos SlightSociopathG $1,858 25
Deck Varchild Survivor Hace 7 minutos Killerdackel $704 304
Deck test One Punch Man Hace 7 minutos zetsky $149 29
Deck Izzet Verbesserung Hace 7 minutos Satureel $149 5
Deck Alexi: A Touch of Discard Hace 8 minutos Newtnn $107 630
Deck Speed-Thrun-ner TBB Hace 8 minutos Pudrete919 $50 2
Deck GG Jol'rael Mangara Hace 8 minutos DrOrange $423 1
Deck Atraxa Bling Bling Hace 8 minutos Killerdackel $2,157 100
Deck Uril Voltron Hace 9 minutos MeinName $223 7
Deck Wokke’s blanka burn Hace 9 minutos Wokke $1,309 138
Deck Jodah Hace 10 minutos Leonidas96 $167 21
Deck Meld or Mishra Hace 10 minutos Daïnkhel 1 $442 323
Deck eldrazi Hace 3 minutos tom_key $304 666
Deck mondrak Hace 11 minutos andrewdirt $236 1
Deck Wokke’s urza construct army Hace 11 minutos Wokke $4,974 231
Deck Wokke’s Giada angelkakker Hace 14 minutos Wokke $1,032 365
Deck Cosima, God of the Voyage Hace 14 minutos RomanBowman $75 181
Deck Marath, Will of the Wild Hace 15 minutos phoenix1986 $40 17
Deck Scion Test Hace 15 minutos Moys1985 $542 1

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