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Decks EDH / Commander

Nom du Deck Dernière mise à jour Par Likes Prix Vues
Deck UR - Mizzix of the Izmagnus Il y a 7 minutes Zero22 $189 20
Deck Arcane Wizardy Budget Combo Il y a 14 minutes Loykuaza $178 138
Deck Rakdos, Lord of Riots Il y a 21 minutes Simply Eric 1 $403 68
Deck Purphoros Il y a 21 minutes n3onlights $102 1
Deck Roon of the Hidden Realm Il y a 25 minutes KeithZ $136 1
Deck Jodah, Archbiofiend Il y a 36 minutes glennwith2ns $567 2
Deck Lord Windgrace Upgraded Il y a 38 minutes Romi 1 $260 728
Deck Krenko Always Wins Il y a 40 minutes Radiation_leper 1 $579 1,529
Deck Zur Control 3 Il y a 41 minutes n3onlights $142 2
Deck Riku of Two Reflections EDH Il y a 46 minutes Niftyness 13 $428 30,008
Deck Medomai of The Endless Turn Il y a 49 minutes Faygo40 $527 2
Deck Ezuri, Claw of Progress Il y a 49 minutes Simply Eric $255 92
Deck Sacrificed for the greater good Il y a 52 minutes GradualBoredom $318 2
Deck Zedruu the Greathearted Il y a 55 minutes FluffalNikki $925 1
Deck tokens Il y a 57 minutes Phantomboy116 $289 3
Deck Sram Aura Voltron EDH Il y a une heure Gravyhero $63 19
Deck DJ Tymna + Akiri Il y a une heure FluffalNikki $1,689 2
Deck Teysa Karlov CEDH Artifact Combo Il y a une heure Planspiff $3,581 23
Deck James Doran Il y a une heure Danyael $125 4
Deck Kynaios/Tiro (Atog de Toga) Il y a une heure Matutooo $103 1


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