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Sometimes called Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH), Commander is a format where you have a legendary creature at the head of your deck (your commander), and the deck is based around this one card. All the cards in the deck must be within the same "color identity" as the commander. The format is also multiplayer as opposed to 1 vs 1, has 40 starting life, and the decks are exactly 100 cards with only one copy of non-basics, making this format radically different from other Magic: the Gathering formats.

EDH / Commander Decks

Deck name Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck Narset 3 minutes ago Jrodrules73 $429 2
Deck The Hoard 3 minutes ago veganisiniz $286 30
Deck Chief Complaint: Borborygmi 7 minutes ago Wheeton $465 84
Deck Chevill, Bane of Monsters 9 minutes ago AllInTheBrain777 $343 36
Deck Ramos, Dragon Engine 12 minutes ago macaulayscott $672 120
Deck Yahenni 13 minutes ago soulking2442 $132 12
Deck Super Slivers 13 minutes ago j3dimindtrip $2,184 7
Deck Meow 16 minutes ago KuRe_Royalty $299 101
Deck Edgar Markov 16 minutes ago Pipa $725 3
Deck It's Klothys Time 17 minutes ago EMonsterRox $46 2
Deck Swamplady 18 minutes ago Albemont $128 107
Deck Nekusar 22 minutes ago artcollard $364 3
Deck Artefatccccccc 25 minutes ago Robert659 $928 6
Deck Jeleva Big Spellz 26 minutes ago michaelmuse $769 131
Deck Heliod Lifegain 31 minutes ago tardislights22 $298 54
Deck Thassa's Wizard Bouncer 32 minutes ago Cuthb809 $236 7
Deck Vaevictis, the Dire 33 minutes ago GoblinChirurgeon $241 39
Deck Now You see Me, Now You Don't 35 minutes ago tardislights22 2 $249 583
Deck Rhys the Redeemed 37 minutes ago Blundersmith $291 1
Deck speeeee 38 minutes ago bigbus30 $712 16


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