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EDH / Commander Decks

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About EDH / Commander

Sometimes called Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH), Commander is a format where you have a legendary creature (your commander) at the head of a 100-card deck based around it. All the cards in the deck must have the same "color identity" as the commander and you can only play one copy of each card (except basic lands). The format is also multiplayer as opposed to 1 vs. 1 and you start with 40 life, making this format radically different from other Magic: the Gathering formats.

Deck name Last updated By Likes Price Views
Deck Play your opponent's deck 5 minutes ago Ikubi $199 49
Deck Infernal kirin 7 minutes ago Estevens449 $278 30
Deck Tana / Ravos 7 minutes ago komar_cof $188 251
Deck EXTUS, ORIQ OVERLORD a minute ago gsims $703 323
Deck kaervek 8 minutes ago Giordy999 $1,121 38
Deck Extus seconds ago Nothu $95 1
Deck Vrondiss Dragon Tribe Terror 9 minutes ago Tzars 1 $129 230
Deck Jeskla/ishai voltron budget 9 minutes ago Gruselfinger $267 148
Deck Damia lands 10 minutes ago ewenrob $332 395
Deck Kaldheim - Phantom Premonition (w/b) 11 minutes ago PlayerUnknown $29 1
Deck Yasharn 11 minutes ago Brobbe $1,717 528
Deck Horda de noções R$ 11 minutes ago TabernaCards $48 3
Deck Akiri, Fearless Voyager 13 minutes ago Bantadur $101 8
Deck Sythis 14 minutes ago Pythauresk $59 14
Deck Ninjeldrazi 14 minutes ago Matixitam $599 38
Deck Weenie Life Gain 15 minutes ago ewenrob $84 203
Deck Korvold, Fae-Cursed King 17 minutes ago Ruhgahar $518 456
Deck Hapatra 17 minutes ago Rhyme_L $343 283
Deck Marwyn 17 minutes ago ewenrob $182 291
Deck Rhys the Redeemed 19 minutes ago Jeromeofmarmite $731 46

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